• ADM660

    was wondering if i could get the pspice model of ADM660.Thanks

  • ADM660

    Hi, All.

    Was wondering if i could get the pspice model of ADM660.Thanks

  • RE: ADM660 input switching noise

    I would also add that the 10uF Jon is recommending should be placed right next to pin 8 and oin 5 of the ADM660. C35 is probably too far away from the ADM660 to really keep the source impedance low.


  • RE: ADM660 issue on startup

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  • ADM660输出有毛刺的问题



  • Fc pin in ADM660 voltage doubler configuration

    Hi All,

    Where do I connect the fc pin to increase the switching frequency if I am using the ADM660 in a voltage doubler configuration? Do I have to connect it to V+, the doubled input voltage?


  • About ADM660 voltage output delay time

    Hi, All.

    In the circuit shown in the figure below, please tell us about the delay time until the output rising from the input rise of the ADM660.

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  • RE: HMC920LP5E Biasing issue


    Attached is the application circuit to bias HMC460 with HMC920.

    The application note, AN-1363 also has some example circuits. And the formulas required to calculate the external component values. If you can share your apps circuit for HMC8410, we…

  • RE: High Gain Instrumentation Amplifier

    Hi Scott,


    Thank you so very much for your input !

    I need a good amount of loop again around 100kHz.


    I have decided to go for

    AD8428 as 1st stage. It is a dual supply, so will use ADM660 to obtain a -5V as well.

    For second stage, I will use AD8253…

  • ADALM1000 MHz Sampling Oscilloscope / Spectrum Analyzer completed

    I have now completed the design and construction of both PCBs that make up a high speed sampling front end plugin for the ADALM1000. The programmable DDS sampling clock generator board was discussed here.

    A new smaller all SMD board based on the AD783…