• ADM660

    was wondering if i could get the pspice model of ADM660.Thanks

  • ADM660

    Hi, All.

    Was wondering if i could get the pspice model of ADM660.Thanks

  • ADM660 doubler specification


    May we know the output drop voltage in AD660(doubler-mode) ?

    We consider D-range for sink driver ICs or discrete.

    We will use ADM660 for LED anode voltage.

    Vin=5V OUT=10V max 100mA


    LED Cathode connects to sink driver and etc.

    We have 

  • ADM660 issue on startup


    In the schematic attached there is the power section of my board. On the left there is +12VDC, IC1 provides the +3.3V for MCU. IC2 provides about 5.5V and IC3 generates the negative rail (-5.5V).

    It works fine, but there is an issue... if the input…

  • ADM660 input switching noise


    I'm trying to power an AD8052 opamp with a +/- 5V power supply. The positive +5V supply for the op amp is generated by an LM317 voltage regulator (the input is a 9V battery). While, the negative -5V supply is generated by the ADM660 whose input…

  • About ADM660 voltage output delay time

    Hi, All.

    In the circuit shown in the figure below, please tell us about the delay time until the output rising from the input rise of the ADM660.

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  • Fc pin in ADM660 voltage doubler configuration

    Hi All,

    Where do I connect the fc pin to increase the switching frequency if I am using the ADM660 in a voltage doubler configuration? Do I have to connect it to V+, the doubled input voltage?


  • ADM660输出有毛刺的问题



  • RE: HMC920LP5E Biasing issue


    Attached is the application circuit to bias HMC460 with HMC920.

    The application note, AN-1363 also has some example circuits. And the formulas required to calculate the external component values. If you can share your apps circuit for HMC8410, we…

  • RE: High Gain Instrumentation Amplifier

    Hi Scott,


    Thank you so very much for your input !

    I need a good amount of loop again around 100kHz.


    I have decided to go for

    AD8428 as 1st stage. It is a dual supply, so will use ADM660 to obtain a -5V as well.

    For second stage, I will use AD8253…