• ADM6318 watchdog timer when WDI floating

    Hi All,


    My customer has a question on watchdog timer operation of ADM6318 supervisor IC.

    WDI terminal explanation in Page 6 Table 4 of Data Sheet says that the timer is cleared if a logic transition occurs on this pin or if a reset is generated. Leave…

  • ADM6320CY29ARJZ-R7 datasheet wrong marking code.

    Hello , could you check and update ordering guide of ADM6316/ADM6318/ADM6319/ADM6320/ADM6321/ ADM6322 datasheet

    Support answered :

    the datasheet mix the branding up. It should be:
    ADM6320CY29ARJZ-R7 – N0T
    ADM6320CY29ARJ-RL7 – N04

    The device you…

  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找