• Are these devices automotive replacements for the ADM6316/18/19/20/21/22 parts?

    Are these devices automotive replacements for the ADM6316/18/19/20/21/22 parts?


    The ADM8316/18/19/20/21/22 are automotive qualified versions of the ADM6316-22
    parts. They are pin-for-pin compatible but not spec-for-spec as this was a full

  • RE: Datasheet Error of ADM6316/6318/6319/6320/6321/6322

    Hi Fil,

    Thank you for your confirm. I got it. I'll contact ADI FAE. 

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  • ADM6316 !MR Input

    I'm using an ADM6316DZ26ARJZ-R7 on a new board I've designed and it's not behaving as I exptected.


    The board is for a voice communications product that is solar powered and is installed in relatively remote areas.

    It's important…

  • Disabling watchdog

    I am using an  ADM6316 supervisor in my circuit. I have the WDI watchdog input
    connected  to DAI18 of an ADSP-21369. During development, I need to float the
    WDI  input so the watchdog will not time out. Is it ok to disable the DAI pin 
    buffer and…

  • ADM6320CY29ARJZ-R7 datasheet wrong marking code.

    Hello , could you check and update ordering guide of ADM6316/ADM6318/ADM6319/ADM6320/ADM6321/ ADM6322 datasheet

    Support answered :

    the datasheet mix the branding up. It should be:
    ADM6320CY29ARJZ-R7 – N0T
    ADM6320CY29ARJ-RL7 – N04

    The device you…

  • RE: Blackfin Reset

    Its always the same, you finally decide to ask for assistance and then the answer makes itself obvious. This ADM6316 is specified for a 3.1V reset threshold and is far too close to the 3.3V rail. A simple device substitute and the problem should be fixed…

  • RE: Do ADI have a voltage supervisor/ reset generator that has longer reset timeout than watchdog timeout?

    For users wants reset timeout being longer than watchdog timeout
    The total reset timeout depend is the delay set by C1 plus the rest timeout of ADM6316.
    The watchdog timeout depend on ADM6316 model.
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