• The footprint of ADM6315


    I have a question about ADM6315.In the datasheet,the pins' order is 4   3

                                                                                                                  1   2


    But in the footprint RA_4,the pins' order is 3   4

                                                                        1   2

    So which…

  • What is the meaning of "branding" in ADM6315 Datasheet?


    As ADM6315 Datasheet, there are many kinds of Brandings like MDV,M9Q,MDU,M81 and etc.

    But I don't know exact meaning of these.

    Would you let me know the meaning of branding in ADM6315 Datasheet?

    And also would you let me know the meaning…

  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • RE: Help with AD2S1210

    Hi Jgealon,

    Thanks for the reply,

    I have 5V on AVDD & DVDD and 3.3V on Vdrive.

    I've used a 8.192Mhz Xtal and it appears (with a scope) to be running at 8.192Mhz

    I've used the ADM6315 reset circuit and it appears to be high.

    I have no…

  • 最新中文资料更新20140116

  • Review schematics & PCB Artwork using ADSP-SC589KBCZ-4



    Dear ADI or anyone,

    I attached file. That is schematics & PCB Artwork(That file designed by PADS LAYOUT) using ADSP-SC589KBCZ-4 for Audio devices.

    Please, Review my schematics & PCB Artwork.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards…

  • RE: BLIP2 BOM revision 2.2

    Hi Eric, 

    I can see that the BLIP2 schematics 2.1 is attached is for BF707 processor but not for SC573 as you mentioned.

    Best Regards