• About ADM485

    Hi there,

    I have a question about ADM485, RS-485 transceiver.


    The datasheet says this device has fail-safe feature.

    Could you be explain what is the fail safe feature of…

  • ADM3485 (Vcc=3,3V) & ADM485 (Vcc=5V) connection


    is it safe to connect to RS-485 few ADM485 and ADM3485?

    Some devices have Vcc=+3,3V and ICs ADM3485 are used for them,

    some devices have Vcc=+5V and ADM485 are used.

  • RE: ADM485 fail safe

    Hi Teruamsa,

    No, the ADM485 does not implement a failsafe feature with an internal bias circuit.

    The failsafe feature is not implemented with internal pull-up/down resistors.

    The ADM485 has a typical failsafe operation, but not a guaranteed failsafe…

  • ADM485 - how does the fail-safe feature mentioned in the datasheet work


    The receiver input includes a fail-safe feature that guarantees a logic high on
    the receiver when the inputs are open circuit or floating.

    What does this mean - how does it work?




  • RE: ADM485 Propagation Delay

    Hi HOD,

    Why do you need a histogram of the driver and receiver propagation delay?

    The minimum and maximum propagation delays are gauranteed by characterisation.



  • ADM485 & ADM3485 combination problem


    There is properly working kit

    • USB<>RS-485 adapter (CP2102+ADM3485ARZ, terminated by Rt=120 Ohm),
    • short cable
    • PCB (ADM3485ARZ (also Rt=120 Ohm) +ATmega8A under +3.3V PWR)

    I need to increase the PCB power supply for ATmega8 up to …

  • MTBF for ADuM3200, ADuM3201, ADR395, ADM485

    For MTBF calculations in accordance with MIL_HDBK_217F, I need the number of transistors (or MTBF/FIT) for the following devices:





    Where it's possible to find this data? Can anyone help me?



  • ADM485E open fail safe issues

    Dear Sir

          I have used an exception when using ADM485E communication. Some questions I would like to ask.

    (1)  ADM485E supports open fail safe function in RX mode in the datasheet, and the output is high level.

           When all RS-485 driver is RX mode,the AB…

  • ADM485 has allot noise on Receive Output Pin is it ok?


    i have this circuit

    and when i clear DE and RE pins output receive of adm485 make allot noise that make my MCU to RX overflow

    is it normal or i should do something to fix it?

    i forgot to put 100nF on VCC of it . cant it be the problem?

  • RE: What is the output of ADM485 when the input is 30mV

    Yes - but also have a look again into the data sheet - RECEIVER OPEN CIRCUIT, FAIL-SAFE.