• ADM485 Tjmax

    what is Maximum Junction Temperature of ADM485? 150℃?

  • About ADM485

    Hi there,

    I have a question about ADM485, RS-485 transceiver.


    The datasheet says this device has fail-safe feature.

    Could you be explain what is the fail safe feature of…

  • ADM485 fail safe


    Our customer will use ADM485 and asks me about below.

    Please let me know your advice.

    ADM485 has receiver open fail safe.

    So ADM485 has internal pull up resistor for fail safe.

    If possible, could you give me about the value of internal pull…

  • ADM485 Propagation Delay


    I have a question ADM485 Propagation Delay.

    If you have a  Propagation Delay histogram data Driver and Receiver ,Please teach me.

    Best Regards


  • ADM485 & ADM3485 combination problem


    There is properly working kit

    • USB<>RS-485 adapter (CP2102+ADM3485ARZ, terminated by Rt=120 Ohm),
    • short cable
    • PCB (ADM3485ARZ (also Rt=120 Ohm) +ATmega8A under +3.3V PWR)

    I need to increase the PCB power supply for ATmega8 up to …

  • ADM485E open fail safe issues

    Dear Sir

          I have used an exception when using ADM485E communication. Some questions I would like to ask.

    (1)  ADM485E supports open fail safe function in RX mode in the datasheet, and the output is high level.

           When all RS-485 driver is RX mode,the AB…

  • MTBF for ADuM3200, ADuM3201, ADR395, ADM485

    For MTBF calculations in accordance with MIL_HDBK_217F, I need the number of transistors (or MTBF/FIT) for the following devices:





    Where it's possible to find this data? Can anyone help me?



  • ADM3485 (Vcc=3,3V) & ADM485 (Vcc=5V) connection


    is it safe to connect to RS-485 few ADM485 and ADM3485?

    Some devices have Vcc=+3,3V and ICs ADM3485 are used for them,

    some devices have Vcc=+5V and ADM485 are used.

  • Please ask what causes adm485 to fail to communicate?

    1500 sets were produced, and about 80 sets could not be charged normally due to 485 IC problem,

    The fault phenomena are as follows:

    When the output current of power supply product reaches 30A or above,

    Adm485 can not communicate, resulting in the output…

  • ADM485 has allot noise on Receive Output Pin is it ok?


    i have this circuit

    and when i clear DE and RE pins output receive of adm485 make allot noise that make my MCU to RX overflow

    is it normal or i should do something to fix it?

    i forgot to put 100nF on VCC of it . cant it be the problem?