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  • Maximum Junction Temperature of ADM3491

    Maximum Junction Temperature of ADM3491 is not available in datasheet. Please provide the same

  • How to implement half duplex in ADM3491

    I would like to ask how to implement half duplex in ADM3491? By shorting A to Y and B to Z?

    Thanks all.


  • Can I configure ADM3491 in half duplex mode of operation

    I want to use  the ADM3491 in full or half duplex RS485 application. This
    device is for full duplex operation but if I connect A with Y and B with Z, is
    it possible to work in half duplex ?


    Yes it is possible to operate the ADM3491…
  • [ADM3491-1] what difference between IEC1000-4-4 and IEC610004-4?


    According to ADM3491-1 datasheet, this part  " Meets IEC1000-4-4" as below,

    What difference between IEC1000-4-4 and IEC610004-4?

    IEC61000-4-4 covered IEC10004-4?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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  • ADM3491 进行485通讯时 收不到数据


  • ADM3491: Is resistor Rt needed between Y and Z (transmitter side) or only on the receiver side?

    The ADM3491 datasheet figure 33 shows the the application circuit for full
    RS485, is it correct to place a resistor Rt between Y and Z ? Usually I would
    place a Rt on the receiver side not on transmitter side.


  • RE: RS-485 full duplex problem

    Hi Viacheslav,

    Can you please explain the connection of the ADM3491 bus pins to the MOXA UPort 1130?

    Is the ADM3491 wired up to the MOXA UPort 1130 correctly? Can you check the pin-outs?

    And for R33 - what is the resistance value?



  • RE: ADM3491ARZ max. current consumption

    Hi Maxime,

    The maximum Icc for the ADM3491 is about 70mA with 54 Ω loading at temperature 85C.



  • RE: What is the lifetime of ADM3491ARUZ-1 (16-TSSOP) from now?


    ADM3491-1 is not recommended for new design rather than obsolete, as you could find more information here:Product Life Cycle Information

    I cannot give you the accurate lifetime of this product but it should last at least more than 2 years.