• The logic state when inputs OPEN between ADM3485 and ADM3485E

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       We found the  different logic state when inputs are unconnected  between ADM3485 and ADM3485E.

       ADM3485:      When inputs open.   A=0.1V   B=0.1V  RO=0V        (/RE=0V and DE=0V)

       ADM3485E:   When inputs open.   A=1.8V   B=1.8V  RO=3.3V     (/RE…

  • ADM3485 output waveform issue

    Dear Sir 

    I'm using ADM3485 and found one problem, could you please help to look into it?

    The waveforms from the oscilloscope are shown as below  

    ADM3485E and ADM3485 Waveform , their transmitting voltage level is different.

  • ADM3485 and ADM3485E

    Hi ,

    I have a question .

    I think that ADM3485E has IEC61000-4-2 Lv4, and HBM is ±15kV(A,Bpin),±4kV(all pin).

    ADM3485's HBM is ±2kV ?

    and ADM3485 has not IEC61000-4-2 ? Lv?

    If you know , please teach me.

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  • The difference between ADM3485 and ADM3485E


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    Is ADM3485E compatible with ADM3485? Can we replace ADM3485 with ADM3485E directly? Or what should we take care when to do this? Thanks a lot!

  • ADM3485


    Please help to check there are any differences between the two chips.

    MAXIM part MAX3485EESA+T

    I wants to replace the Maxim transceiver with ADI and need the confirmation from your side that this is safe. From paper, the datasheet…

  • ADM3485 (Vcc=3,3V) & ADM485 (Vcc=5V) connection


    is it safe to connect to RS-485 few ADM485 and ADM3485?

    Some devices have Vcc=+3,3V and ICs ADM3485 are used for them,

    some devices have Vcc=+5V and ADM485 are used.

  • RE: Why do not the adm3485?

    Data on the Receiver output of the ADM3485 can't be read by the MCU

  • RE: ADM3485E floating RS485 receiver inputs

    Hello Maxim Galkin,

    Just to confirm, the ADM3485E does not bias the bus voltages to acheive a failsafe receiver output when the bus is idle. Using external pull-up and pull-down resistors would indeed have this effect.

    Instead the ADM3485E receiver…

  • RE: ADM3485, dummy load at termination

    Hi Usaghi,

    Sorry, I had been looking at the ADM3485E datasheet (a similar part with enhanced ESD).

    For the ADM3485 refer to page 10, figure 13 and 14.

    Also, I made a typo, I meant the output current is typically limited to 100 mA (or in the case of…

  • RE: Fail safe feature of ADM3485EARZ

    Hi Wallance,

    For question 1: The differential input threshold voltage is -200mV to 200mV, and ADM3485E only has open fail-safe feature rather than true fail safe.

    question 2: It does not have true fail-safe so the bias resistor is needed.