• ADM3485 and ADM3485E

    Hi ,

    I have a question .

    I think that ADM3485E has IEC61000-4-2 Lv4, and HBM is ±15kV(A,Bpin),±4kV(all pin).

    ADM3485's HBM is ±2kV ?

    and ADM3485 has not IEC61000-4-2 ? Lv?

    If you know , please teach me.

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  • The difference between ADM3485 and ADM3485E


    Hope you are well.

    Is ADM3485E compatible with ADM3485? Can we replace ADM3485 with ADM3485E directly? Or what should we take care when to do this? Thanks a lot!

  • The logic state when inputs OPEN between ADM3485 and ADM3485E

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       We found the  different logic state when inputs are unconnected  between ADM3485 and ADM3485E.

       ADM3485:      When inputs open.   A=0.1V   B=0.1V  RO=0V        (/RE=0V and DE=0V)

       ADM3485E:   When inputs open.   A=1.8V   B=1.8V  RO=3.3V     (/RE…

  • RE: ADM3485

    This question was responded to through the FAE by email and is assumed answered. Typical receiver hysteresis was confirmed as similar between a MAX3485E part and ADM3485E, and the ADM3485E typical input impedance (A,B) is higher.

    The DC and timing specifications…

  • ADM3485 output waveform issue

    Dear Sir 

    I'm using ADM3485 and found one problem, could you please help to look into it?

    The waveforms from the oscilloscope are shown as below  

    ADM3485E and ADM3485 Waveform , their transmitting voltage level is different.

  • ADM3485 RO output issue

    I'm using ADM3485 and found one problem, could you please help to look into it?

    The schematic is shown as below:

    The waveforms from the oscilloscope are shown as below (DI, DE/RE, RO, B and A):

    The problem is 1v voltage drop for RO signal marked…

  • ADM485 & ADM3485 combination problem


    There is properly working kit

    • USB<>RS-485 adapter (CP2102+ADM3485ARZ, terminated by Rt=120 Ohm),
    • short cable
    • PCB (ADM3485ARZ (also Rt=120 Ohm) +ATmega8A under +3.3V PWR)

    I need to increase the PCB power supply for ATmega8 up to …

  • Why do not the adm3485?


    It is necessary to connect the device(master) to a single sensor(salve), but device(master) have adm3485 and single sensor(slave) have adm485. When there is a transfer from the master to the slave, the data is successfully reach.When there is…

  • ADM3485E floating RS485 receiver inputs


    I used ADM3485E transciever in my project. Power supply is 3,3 V, DI = High (3,3V), RO = High, RE = 0 and DE = 0. Both RS485 inputs (A and B) are float and unconnected from other components and nets. Input resistor 120 Ohm are absent. I measure…

  • ADM3485, dummy load at termination


    We have asked question from a customer, who will adopt three of ADM3485 and communicate through maximum 23 meter.

    They are going to use 100 Ohm termination, but want to know how much wattage of dummy load can be recommended at termination of each…