• ADM3252E output issue!

    Dear friends,

    Recnetly, We have a cusotmer found ADM3252E will output 0x 00 or 0x FF when the system power on, in order to confirm if the CPU or ADM3252E output the error data, we have broken the connection between CPU and ADM3252E, but the issue is…

  • ADM3252E - RS232 output Issue

    Dear Analog Devices,

    I use ADM3252E as a level shifter (converting TTL to RS232 and vice versa) in a project. Data is generated by a microprocessor at TTL the voltage level, and then pass through ADM3252E so that a communication is provided between the…

  • ADM3252: Detecting the cable connection

    The RS232 protocol defines a logic 0 as +3 to +15V & a logic 1 as -3 to -15V.
    We require to detect when the cable is connected and power up ADM3252E
    otherwise switch the power OFF. How do we differentiate between a disconnected
  • ADM3252E输出异常问题


    最近我们有个客户发现ADM3252E在系统上电时会输出0x00或0xFF, 为了确实是CPU或则ADM3252E输出异常,我们把CPU和ADM3252E连接断开后,ADM3252E输出异常还是存在,各位大侠是否有遇到过同样问题或则有什么好的建议,谢谢!

  • ADM3252E较ADM3151E发热改善多少?


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  • RE: Why there is no imroved single channel isolated RS232 interface than ADM3251E?

    Hi  Paul,

    That will be appreciated. The price difference between ADM3251E and ADM3252E seems artificially high, and  I would say that the ADM3251E be upgraded in technology asap, with even a dollar being added to its price which certainly I will not mind…

  • RE: How can I use ADM3251e for flow control (cts and rts) in e RS-232?

    Hi Guillermo,

    To have Tx, Rx, CTS, RTS signals all isolated you would need to use a 4-channel device.

    You can use our signal and power isolated ADM3252E:



  • RE: Multiprotocol 422/485/232 design

    Hi MM,

    You are correct. The ADM2587E doesn't cover the RS-232 protocol. The best we can offer you are 2 devices, the ADM2587E(Signal and Power isolated RS-485) and the ADM3251E(Signal and Power isolated RS-232) or ADM3252E(Dual channel signal and power…

  • Using multiple RS232 isolation channels


    We were considering the use of ADM3251E for multiple channel RS232 isolation, in which we may use upto 9 chips (A future products may use 17 channels). But I find that use of 9 x ADM3251E would need more than 1A supply current which is not acceptable…