• ADM3251 heat generation

    Interfaces using ADM3251E are working properly but it is noticeable hating of
    the ADM3251E device. Question from customers:
    - Is this a normal symptom?
    - Maybe a bug in the application?


    Yes, the ADM3251E can have a tendency to run a little hot…

  • Output Port Protection of the ADM3251E

    Is the following protection circuit suitable for ADM3251E?

  • ADM3251E - Prevent - minimize EMI isses

    ADM 3251E: Preventing or minimizing EMI issues


    The ADM3251 has Iso Power implemented - please see the Application Note AN-0971


    From out of the note - specifc advice related…

  • ADM3251E: Gerber file EVAL-ADM3251EEBZ

    In the datasheet you say: "it is not possible to apply a heat sink to an
    isolation device, the device primarily depends on heat dissipating into the PCB
    through the ground pins. If the device is used at high ambient temperatures,
    care should…

  • ADM3251通讯异常


  • RE: ADM3251E 的Tout 没有输出信号


  • ADM3251E VISO voltage

    Hi Everyone in EZ,

    Are there any spec of VISO min/max for reference ? Only typical value is shown in datasheet.

    In my project, 5V is applied to VCC  and the Viso voltage has some difference between every piece.
    Most units have a voltage around 4.9V or…

  • Serial Communication Problem with ADM3251

    Hello there,

    My ADM3251 Is sending random values. I am using EVAL-ADM3251EEBZ for testing the ADM3251 for RS232 communication. I am using particle electron for sending data and at the other hand I am using serial monitor for monitoring the communication…

  • Using ATSAMC20J15A-ANT micro with ADM3251E

    Hi everyone , 

    1) I want to use ATSAMC20J15A-ANT with ADM3251E for isolated RS232. I have a isolated DC-DC converter (CRE1S0505S3C ). The ADM3251 has the option of an internal isolated dc-dc converter  and has an option of connecting an external isolated…