• ADM3251E



    I have a question about ADM3251E.

    1. Do you use tantalum capacitors inside?

    2. Please tell me the voltage between charge pump connection terminal C1 + C1-, C2 + C2-.

    It is because I care about the withstanding voltage of the capacitor to be selected…

  • ADM3251 heat generation

    Interfaces using ADM3251E are working properly but it is noticeable hating of
    the ADM3251E device. Question from customers:
    - Is this a normal symptom?
    - Maybe a bug in the application?


    Yes, the ADM3251E can have a tendency to run…
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  • ADM3251E Thermal resistance

    What is the Theta-jc value for the ADM3251E?

  • ADM3251E alternate solution


    My requirement is RS232 Isolated for that i was looking forward to use ADM3251E.

    But the power requirement is exorbitant (145mA).

    I am required to currently use 6 of these and with scope of expansion for more.(approx12)

    I am not going for ADM3252E…

  • ADM3251E VISO voltage

    Hi Everyone in EZ,

    Are there any spec of VISO min/max for reference ? Only typical value is shown in datasheet.

    In my project, 5V is applied to VCC  and the Viso voltage has some difference between every piece.
    Most units have a voltage around 4.9V or…

  • ADM3251, ADM2578, ADM3053


    I am using a ADM3251, ADM2578 and a ADM3053 in my design.

    I am a little short of connections out from my enclosure.  I have designed my PCB with no GND for the ADM3053 which I now realise is a mistake - I will shortly redesign this to resolve this…

  • ADM2587E+ADM3251E+ADM3053 EMI


    My customer uses ADM2587, ADM3251E and ADM3053 in one board and failed in the EMI test. Could you please help check the PCB layout and give me some suggestion? Sorry, I just have no software to open the project.

  • ADM3251 power consumption

    Dear all,

    I am using ADM3251 RS232 isolator, but I noticed, that device become hot. After measurement of power consumption

    I measured about 130mA current into isolator. The isolator is powered by 5V and also Viso is internally generated at 5V.


  • ADM3251E doesn't work

    Hello there,

    I wonder if someone is able to implement ADM3251E successfully. I am using single isolated RS 232 channel, but each time I connect the RS232 cable to my computer.  The signal on the logic side can be changed a few hundred millivolts,  a few…