• Using one Embedded Stitching capacitor for ADM3251E and ADM2587 on the same PCB

    I am using ADM3251E for RS-232 and ADM2587 for RS-485 on a single PCB with one DB-9 connector on the isolated side. ADM3251E does have one GND2 pin 11 on the isolated side while ADM2587 does have 4 GND2 pins on the isolated side. I am using one common…

  • ADM3251E



    I have a question about ADM3251E.

    1. Do you use tantalum capacitors inside?

    2. Please tell me the voltage between charge pump connection terminal C1 + C1-, C2 + C2-.

    It is because I care about the withstanding voltage of the capacitor to be selected…

  • ADM3151E & EVAL-ADM3251E RS232 Driver EMI Issues

    We are experiencing EMI issues with the a board containing ADM3251E chip. As a mitigatio measure, tried to get EVAL-ADM3251E  board and integrate into the circuit instead of the one that is there. EMI measurement produced results that show EVAL-ADM3251E…

  • RE: ADM3251 power consumption

    Hi Toni,

    Page 3 of the ADM3251E data sheet specifies up to 145mA maximum of Icc current at 5V opeartion.

    If you are seeing 130mA of current on Icc then this is in the range of normal operation.

    Typical operation will raise the junction temperature…

  • RE: ADM3251E Level 4 EMC

    Dear James:

    Yes ,I need ADM3251E EMC level 4 reference design ,another to confirm ADM3251E IC body Is it also passed IEC61000-4-X EMC compliance? I check ADI new part ADM2795E spec show "Certified IEC 61000-4-x immunity across isolation barrier" ,ADM3252E…

  • RE: About Theta-JC of ADM3251E

    Hi Laliberte,

    Unfortunately we do not have θJA data for the ADM3251E.

    Each ADM3251E device consists of three internal die, attached to a split-paddle lead frame.

    For the purposes of thermal analysis, it is treated as a thermal unit with the highest…

  • ADM3251E and ADM2587E GNDs

    Hi there

    I am using x1 ADM3251E and x1 ADM2587E devices to connect to my micro controller which proides a RS232 and RS-485/RS-422 interface to external hardware.  I am short of pins on my IO connector which carry the ADM3251E and ADM2587E signals -

  • powering ADM3054 with ADM3251's Viso?

    Hi, I'm considering using both ADM3054 and ADM3251 on the same board.  Is it possible to power the isolated side of the ADM3054 with the Viso output from the ADM3251, can they co-exist on the same isolated area without issues?  Or should I consider…

  • ADM3251E Thermal resistance

    What is the Theta-jc value for the ADM3251E?

  • ADM3251 heat generation

    Interfaces using ADM3251E are working properly but it is noticeable hating of
    the ADM3251E device. Question from customers:
    - Is this a normal symptom?
    - Maybe a bug in the application?


    Yes, the ADM3251E can have a tendency to run…