• ADM3202 - Unconnected/Unused pins - 1 channel usage


    I would like to use ADM3202 as one channel UART (I am using just Rx and Tx).

    My application in this scenario might be power consumption critical.

    I was not able to find in the datasheet a recommendation for unused pins from a power consumption point…

  • ADM3202 Capacitors C3 to reduce the output ripple

    The attached Japanese errata mention the  capacitor withstand voltage value of C3 of ADM1385 is 6.3V wrong and 10V is correct.

    Is the capacitor withstand voltage of C3 in ADM3202 datasheet correct at 10V ?

  • ADM3202 alternatve with swapped CMOS/RS-232 pins?

    I'm using the ADM3202ARUZ circuit in one of my designs. My problem is that I've
    wired the circuit wrong. The RS-232 level pins (7, 8, 13 and 14) is coupled
    towards the FPGA instead of the connector and the CMOS level pins (9, 10,…
  • Bad character at power on ADM3202

    When the 3.3V is apply to ADM0302, I have (One Time on two) the transmit output that rise up then go down à -6.6V. This cause an unknown charater on my RS232 link.

  • ADM3202 IBIS model


    Could you provide IBIS model for ADM3202?

    Because my customer need estimate timing specification with PCB trace.

    Best Regards


  • ADM3202 Junction Temperature

    Hi all,

    I have some questions of ADM3202.
    1. Let me know the junction temperature of the package RU-16.
    2. I understand that the junction temperature is equal to the strage maximum temperature.

        Is my understanding right ?

    Best Regards,

  • [ADM3202] should I take care about unused CMOS input(T2INpin)?


    About RS232C driver (ADM3202), if there are unused pin (especially CMOS input like as T2IN), should I take care to Pull up or pull down for this unused pin?

    I would appreciate if you give me any advice.

    Best regards,


  • ADuC7060 Serial Download


    I've built a prototype using the ADuC7060 and ADM3202 for RS232 communication. I copied the evaluation circuits, but it doesn't work.  The WSD application just sits there waiting for the response from the controller.  I need some help understanding…

  • RE: AD3202 , V+ 接腳問題

    這兩種接法,對ADM3202會有甚麼不同呢 ??

  • RE: RS232串口怎样与ADUC7061系列单片机通讯?