Let me ask you a question about the hot swap feature of the ADM3065E.

    The data sheet states that when VCC or VIO rises, DE is kept low and RE is kept high.

    Q1:How fast does the VCC or VIO rise correspond?


    Shorting DE and RE and using it for half…

  • About the minimum pulse width of the receiver input of ADM3065E

    Let me ask you about the minimum pulse width of the receiver input of the ADM3065E

    In rare cases, the output waveform is lost when the pulse width of the receiver input during the low period is short (about 10 nS).
    Is there a minimum pulse width requirement…

  • ADM3065E Receiver Pin Spec.

    Dear All:

    ADM3065E is 3.0V to 5V working voltage IC ,but receiver Logic output pin not define this max voltage , If IC working voltage is 3.3V is pin max voltage is 3.3V either meet  standard EIA-485 Spec. 5V?? have any information to me refer. ??


  • Please help provide ADM3065E DPI and EFT test result. Thanks a lot~

    Please help provide ADM3065E DPI and EFT test result. like AN-1397 figure 5. Thanks a lot~


    Using the ADM3065E 50 Mbps RS-485 Transceiver in EnDat Motor Control Encoder Applications


  • Question about ADM3065E

    Hi All,

    The input signal to A and B pins at start up goes down to about -20V but ADM3065E seems to clamp it to about -11V as attachment.

    1) Does ADM3065E has any clamp function inside?

    2) If 1) is yes, the value of the negative clamping voltage is lower…

  • RE: Please ask what causes adm485 to fail to communicate?

    Hi Clark,

    The ADM485E is specified for a Vcc supply of 4.5-5.5V.  Is there any reason why your design cannot meet this specified range?

    We have a wide range of half duplex RS-485 transceivers that can operate at 3.3V supply ranges, For example the ADM3065E…

  • RE: ADM3067E / ADM3068E

    In general, the maximum cable length at these data rates is limited by attenuation and inter symbol interference effects introduced by the cable. For a given transceiver, the max cable length for a given data rate is dependent on the jitter budget at the…

  • RE: ADM3061E RO issue

    Thank you for providing more detail on your setup.

    The 1nF capacitor has the affect of slowing down the rise/fall edges into the optimum region for the ADM3061E, giving correct operation. The ADM3061E is optimized for slew rate limited drivers for operation…

  • RE: Question about RS-485 Tranceiver

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for supporting this case.

    For logic voltage=3.3V case, I can use ADM3065E. For logic voltage=5V case, I can use the new ADM3065E.

    I have another question. Some products have the following feature.

    "Interoperable with 5V logic…

  • RE: What does MC2 on the ic stand for?

    Hi slavas,

    We are in the process of updating the ADM3065E/ADM3066E data sheet. The branding will be added on the next revision. I apologize for any inconvenience.