• About input resistance of DE terminal of ADM3064E


    I am thinking of connecting the ADM3064E to the DE terminal from VIO (3.3V) via a resistor.

    In the data sheet, INPUT CURRENT is -2uA ~ 2uA,
    Is there a recommended value for the pull-up resistor between the DE terminal and VIO terminal?

    Also, please…

  • Pin wiring described in the ADM3064E data sheet

    I have a question about the connection destination of the AB.YZ terminal of the ADM3064E.

    In Figure 4 on page 1 of the data sheet, the connection destinations of the AB and YZ terminals are as follows.

    A: Non Invert
    B: Invert
    Y: Invert
    Z: Non…
  • RE: [RS485] Proudct selection advice needed

    Hello HS, 

    We have a few options available with a built in level shifter than operates down to 1.8V. 

    Your design looks to be full-duplex so I would recommend one of the following

    • ADM3064E (3.3V or 5V powered, enhanced ESD protection, for data rates up…
  • RE: About the minimum pulse width of the receiver input of ADM3065E

    Hello Yuji,

    Thanks for showing your interest in one of our RS-485 Transceivers. The maximum data rate that can be achieved with ADM3065E is 50 Mbps, but it also depends on the other working conditions like the temperature and supply voltage.  If you're…