• ADM3061E RO issue

    I have problem.

    A glitch goes out to a RO terminal at the time of an input HL change.

    Can't I have advice?

  • RE: RS485 using the ADM3061/3065 series. Designing device for modbus. Modbus typically operates at 9600 or 19.2k baud. ADM3061 is a 500kbps part while the ADM3054 is a 50MBPS part. Any suggestion and why using one part over the other. Have not seen a...


    The different speed grade RS485 devices have different switching and timing specs, and if you are designing for Modbus, the ADM3061 is suitable.

    When there is a long cable in your system, the transmission data rate would be limited due to the ac…

  • ADM3061EBRZ-R7 vs. ADM3061EARZ-R7

    Hello. We are considering the use of the ADM3061E half-duplex transceiver with a 3v3 Vcc on a new product design (to replace the ISL3175 xcvr).

    May we know the difference between the ADM3061EA vs. ADM3061EB versions ? Unable to locate supporting documents…

  • RE: About the minimum pulse width of the receiver input of ADM3065E

    Hello Yuji,

    Thanks for showing your interest in one of our RS-485 Transceivers. The maximum data rate that can be achieved with ADM3065E is 50 Mbps, but it also depends on the other working conditions like the temperature and supply voltage.  If you're…

  • RE: power supply of ADM3078E


    The ADM3078E was designed and optimized for 3.3V power supply, and has been characterized at 3.3V only.

    The device should not be operated with a 5V power supply, with 5V power the transceiver won’t conform to all datasheet specifications. Specifications…

  • RE: Solution to Open Fale-Safe (AN-960)

    Fail safe biasing is only required at one location on the RS-485 bus.

    Many ADI RS-485 transceivers include an integrated RS-485 failsafe circuit, eliminating the need for external fail safe biasing resistors.

    For example, the ADM3065E includes open…

  • RE: Inquiry regarding ADM2567E/ADM2867E Repeater Evaluation Board availability

    Hi Okui-san,

    The emissions results for 2 pcs of EVAL-ADM2561EEBZ is expected to be very similar to the results for a single board. The reason for this is the interaction of the quasi-peak detector, used in the EN 55032 / CISPR 32 standards, and the spread…

  • RE: Isolated RS-485 Transceiver with Hot Swap

    As an example, please see page 19 of the ADM3065E data sheet. This provides a definition for hot swap. Hot swap relates to the logic input pins DE and /RE:


  • RE: ADM2486 Ground connection

    Hi Gabe,

    Thank you for your query.

    The ADM2486 will not operate reliably with a 3.3V VDD2 supply, the device accepts a supply voltage between 4.75V and 5.25V.

    If the customer requires an isolated transceiver RS485 transceiver with a 3.3V supply on VDD2…

  • RE: ADM485E open fail safe issues


    Thank you for your query.

    1) The ADM485E has open-circuit failsafe only. This means for the failsafe to function there can be no connections between the A and B pins of the ADM485E device (no termination resistance, failsafe biasing or other nodes…