• ADM3057E VIORM definition

    Hi ADIExpert

    I have a ESS system as below functional block, one battery stack is composed of 14 series packs that provides voltage up to 1kV

    each battery pack is communicated with  master control board with iso CAN bus implemented by ADM3057E

    May I know…

  • RE: Reliability Data of ADM3055E and ADM3058E


    You can refer to ADM3057E (you will see some of the process data was actually gathered using ADM3055E) and for ADM3058E you can refer to ADM3050E (the same process is used for ADM3058E).

  • RE: Isolated interface chip with power supply

    Hi lijie,

    The ADM3055E and ADM3057E are isolated signal and power CAN FD transceivers. They are in SOIC packages.

    SPI signal and power isolation could be the ADuM5411 in SSOP, ADuM5401 or ADuM6421A in SOIC, if BGA solutions are not possible for this application…

  • RE: ADM3056EBRIZ - Isolated Power for VDD2

    Hi Selvaraj, 

    If there is not power available on the bus side, then an isolated power supply from the logic side will need to be provided. 

    The ADM3055E and ADM3057E have an integrated isolated dc/dc converter to supply the CAN FD transceiver. When there…

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