• RE: ADM3055E with dual power supplies

    Hi Kalexx, 

    The dc/dc converter is independant, and it would be possible to power only the VIO and VISOIN pins for a fully functional isolated transceiver. The VISOIN pin needs a 5V supply. 

    It may make more sense to use the ADM3056E though. That is the…

  • ADM3055E and ISO11898-3 compliacy

    Hi all,

    Does ADM3055E comply with ISO11898-3:2006?

  • Reliability Data of ADM3055E and ADM3058E


    How to get ADM3055E and ADM3058E Reliability Data High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL), Failures in Time (FIT), Mean Time to Fail (MTTF)?

    the web link https://www.analog.com/en/about-adi/quality-reliability/reliability-data/wafer-fabrication-data…

  • RE: ADM3053 series problem

    Thank Jason. It is a bit difficult to buy ADM3055 at present, so I use ADM3055 temporarily. Can I recommend a TVS for ADM3053?

  • RE: CAN FD on ADM3054 transceiver?

    Hi farah.mim,

    The ADM3054 is not a CAN FD isolated transceiver. The top speed is 1Mbps. 

    Check out the ADM3055E for CAN FD up to 12Mbps


    Or the LTM2889 for CAN FD up to 4Mbps




  • RE: ADM3053 baud rate problem

    ADM3053 has no minimum baud rate, because it has no "dominant timeout" (it won't bring CANH/CANL recessive even if TXD is still held low for a long time). The part will operate normally even at very low bit rates.

    If dominant timeout is…

  • RE: ADUM3055E isolations and shield connection points

    Hi Rajeev,

    1. Whether separate isolated power supplies should power the VCC and VIO Pins?

    Having isolated supplies for VCC and VIO would not be useful. On the logic side, the isolated dc/dc converter and signal isolator share a gnd paddle; So isolated…

  • RE: ADM3054 can meet the CAN FD required?

    CAN-FD does have additional requirements for compliance to this new standard, although Classic CAN nodes such at those using ADM3054 may be compatible.

    To implement CAN-FD using ADI transceivers, we recommend the newly released ADM3055E, which has integrated…

  • RE: Isolated interface chip with power supply

    Hi lijie,

    The ADM3055E and ADM3057E are isolated signal and power CAN FD transceivers. They are in SOIC packages.

    SPI signal and power isolation could be the ADuM5411 in SSOP, ADuM5401 or ADuM6421A in SOIC, if BGA solutions are not possible for this application…

  • ADM3055EBRIZ输出波形畸变问题(求助)