• CAN FD version of ADM3053

    Does ADI offer a higher speed- CAN FD version of ADM3053?


    No not at present (Feb 2015), but we do plan to support CAN FD and hope to have
    a device to sample in 2016.
  • ADM3053 maximum power on Visoout

    Hello together,

    we are planning a board where we need a CAN and I²C interface in the same galvanic isolated area. Our consideration was to use a ADM3053 for CAN isolation and a ADUM1250 for the I²C interface.

    May it be possible to supply the secondary…

  • RE: ADM3053 series problem

    Hi Derric, 

    If this is a new design, I would recommend the latest generation signal and power isolated CAN FD transceiver. The ADM3055E/57E has many performance upgrades to the ADM3053.

    1. In the figure, can R3 be footprint in 0603?

    The package…

  • ADM3053 baud rate problem

    The ADM3053 is compliant with ISO11898. Whether its baud rate range is 150kbps-1Mkbps, the minimum baud rate is 150kbps. Can you have a lower baud rate?

  • The PCB size of EVAL-ADM3053


    My customer paid attention to EVAL-ADM3053.
    Please tell me the overall size of the PCB.
    I'm infering that from a picture with about 10.0 cm x 7.0 cm.
    If you speak by the cm unit, I'm happy.

    Best regards,

  • ADM3053被干扰问题







  • ADM3053 Dominant State CURRENT

    What is the difference between the  ”Dominant State”  and the ”TxD/RxD Data Rate 1 Mbps”?

    (I think Dominant State” is a transmission,and TxD/RxD Data Rate 1 Mbps” is Max speed of transmission.

     So Why Current of ”Dominant State” is bigger than ”TxD/RxD…

  • ADM3053 Common Mode Control

    I have a CAN network that will have 24 nodes spread over 200Meters.    I was planning on using the ADuM3053 for an isolated interface.

    If I just use the CAN_L and CAN_H signals to connect the nodes,    What keeps the common mode under control?  I am trying…

  • ADM3053 VIO operating range

    Could anybody please comment on the following?

    VIO is spesifeid as -0.5 to 6V whith the Digital input as –0.5 V to VIO  + 0.5 V

    Could the device be connected to, for example a 2.5V VIO supply to accomedate a 2.5V logic interface?

  • VCC power supply for ADM3053

    Please consult the ADM3053 VCC can use 3.3V power supply. Because the 5V power supply is used for analog circuits.