• ADM3053 data rate


    I have a question about the data rate of ADM3053.

    The ADM3053 complies with ISO 11898 standard.

    The ISO 11898 supports from 125 Kbps to 1 Mbps data rates.

    I want to use ADM3053 with 50 Kbps data rates.

    Is it possible to use lower than 125…

  • ADM3053 interface protection

    Products made with ADM3053 are used in industrial applications. Due to various occasions, perfect interface protection is required to prevent damage to the ADM3053. Ask how to do it. Can you give a perfect interface protection circuit and its BOM?

  • thermal package of ADM3053


    I'm not able to find the thermal resistance (JC,JB) of the CAN ADM3053. Can anyone help me?

    And can you tell me how I could find it in future cases?

    In the datasheet of the ADM3053 you can only find theta JA.

    Thank you!!

  • ADM3251, ADM2578, ADM3053


    I am using a ADM3251, ADM2578 and a ADM3053 in my design.

    I am a little short of connections out from my enclosure.  I have designed my PCB with no GND for the ADM3053 which I now realise is a mistake - I will shortly redesign this to resolve this…

  • ADM2587E+ADM3251E+ADM3053 EMI


    My customer uses ADM2587, ADM3251E and ADM3053 in one board and failed in the EMI test. Could you please help check the PCB layout and give me some suggestion? Sorry, I just have no software to open the project.

  • ADM3053 Production Problem

    Dear Sir,
    We develop a new product. And I choose ADM3053 for our CAN circuit because your isolation.
    However, we have several problems to find this componente in market - in all of distribuitors.
    And the time for this will be only in middle of 2018.
    So, I…

  • ADM3053 HiPOT TEST

    Dear Sir 

    I have a ADM3053 certification question!

    As we knew, ADI got a lot of certifications such as UL-1577, CSA / IEC60950 and so on.

    But customer would like to test those certification by internal and would like to quickly understanding how to…

  • ADM3053 drive capability


    Our customer will use ADM3053 and ask minimum combined impedance and drive capability.

    I think below. ( in the case of  cable loss =0)

    Is my understanding correct ?

    Datasheet P.1 says "Connect 110 or more nodes on the bus".

    If load…

  • ADM3053 Round Trip Propogation Delay

    Please can you tell me if the ADM3053 has a round trip propogation delay of
    <210ns ?

    This is a requirement I have to meet in a CAN bus Vehicle network.


    The ADM3053 has a maximum round trip delay of 200 ns for recessive to dominant…
  • ADM3053 max current on Visoout

    What max current can be drawn on the Visoout (PIN 12).We need to drive a
    external low voltage LED on the CAN-Bus side.


    Thermal considerations (power dissipated internally in the part by the DC-DC
    converter and CAN transceiver) limit…