• Unpowered ADM3053

    In the features list of the ADM3053 on the first page of the datasheet, it is mentionned that unpowered nodes do not disturb the bus but in table 10, the bus state is indeterminate with Vio On, Vcc Off and TxD Low which to me means that it can force a…

  • ADM3053:Driver


    I have a question about the ADM3053.

    I will use it as shown in figure.

    In this case, how many ohms can the driver drive the load?

    Best Regards,


  • ADM3053

    As testing, ADM3053 pin7 GND1 input impedance(about 20ohm) is different than other GND1 pin(about 2ohm).

    When I let pin7 floating, the single noise is less then connected GND1.

    Can you let me know why pin7 is different than other GND1 pin.

    if I let…

  • ADM3053


    we have two ADM3053 CAN transceivers and they are controlled by a NI PXI embedded controller. We would like to use the PXI system as low level gateway.

    In this structure the communication between the nodes can't set up. (our opinion due to the…

  • ADM3053 stitching capacitance


    I redesign a board, In that board I used the ADM3053. In previous version of
    this board I have problems related with EMI (the board is out of Class B
    Limits). I have a limited space for ADM3053 layout. With this space I only have
    39pf for Stitching…

  • ADM3053 Vref purpose


    ADM3053 has Vref pin but it is recommended not to connect it. What is the purpose of the pin? What happens if Vref has connection to the GND?


  • ADM3053 question

    Dear sir

       I meet a problem when using ADM3053, the original can bus interface is NXP TJA1040  and is replaced by ADM3053. In the following picture, I follow the ADM3053 application note to design my circuit and the can bus front and back end are all the…

  • ADM3053 layout


    I would like to start to layout design .

    Could I have information about layout of ADM3053?


    I checked UG-234

    1)   1)  Edge Guarding

        UG-234 layout doesn’t have the edge guarding on VISO side.

        a) Doesn’t it need ?  It isn’t so effective? 



    We would like to supply power to the CAN and the other circuit by using the output from the VISOOUT.
    Other circuit is a logic circuit, it is scheduled to about 20mA current.

    Do you support such usage ADM3053?


    Thank you.

  • ADM3053的使用