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    There is description of refresh pulse and periods.

    So, we are thinking ADM3054 and ADM3053 using same architechture…

  • ADM3053

    As testing, ADM3053 pin7 GND1 input impedance(about 20ohm) is different than other GND1 pin(about 2ohm).

    When I let pin7 floating, the single noise is less then connected GND1.

    Can you let me know why pin7 is different than other GND1 pin.

    if I let…

  • ADM3053


    we have two ADM3053 CAN transceivers and they are controlled by a NI PXI embedded controller. We would like to use the PXI system as low level gateway.

    In this structure the communication between the nodes can't set up. (our opinion due to the…

  • ADM3053: Why is the temperature under operation high?

    Dear all,

    We made the prototype of the product which used ADM3053 now.

    However, only ADM3053 on a substrate has 50 degrees C of temperature.

    Ambient air temperature is 25 degrees C.

    Vcc is 5V.

    Vio is 3.3V.

    CAN speed is 500kbps.

    Temperature is measured…

  • ADM3053 interface protection

    Products made with ADM3053 are used in industrial applications. Due to various occasions, perfect interface protection is required to prevent damage to the ADM3053. Ask how to do it. Can you give a perfect interface protection circuit and its BOM?

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  • ADM3053 shows wrong signal level on CAN bus


    during testing of the ADM3053 as a replacement for our current implementation of the CAN interface, I came across with a serious problem. Also a FAE of AD could not help me with this problem. So now I try this way to contact the developers of…

  • ADM3053 signal and power isolated CAN transceiver

    What is the function of the Rs pin on the ADM3053?

  • ADM3053 question

    Dear sir

       I meet a problem when using ADM3053, the original can bus interface is NXP TJA1040  and is replaced by ADM3053. In the following picture, I follow the ADM3053 application note to design my circuit and the can bus front and back end are all the…