• ADM3052 operation in non-isolated use case

    We have one design using the ADM3052 in an isolated design and due to availability issues along with a very limited production run would like to use it in a an non-isolated application that would normally call for use of the ADM3051.  Can we use the ADM3052…

  • RE: ADM3052 communication distance issue

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  • Linear regulator of ADM3052

    I have a question about ADM3052.

    The datasheet of ADM3052 says as followings about V+R,
    "Connect a 300 Ω, 750 mW resistor between V+R and V+."
    Please let me know the power dissipation of this resistor.
    The reason is that it is necessary for…

  • ADM3052 power


    I want to use the ADM3052 linear regulator to provide other device, is it OK?

    Is Vout pin pin13, pin14 or others?

    What is the Vdd2 voltage and how many mW is its dirving?

  • ADM3052 misswire protection


    I have a question abput ADM3052.
    The AN-1123 says that ADM3052 has misswire protection,
    But Fig.3 does not show something like protection device.
    Can I understand that something like protection devaice includes anywhere ?
    Fig.3 is functional block diagram…

  • ADM3052 power question

    Dear Sir

    I have one question , in the ADM3052 V+ pin, the datasheet in the page 1 says the V+ operation range is from 11 to 25V , does it mean the voltage in the V+ pin only can work in 11 to 25V? If the voltage is 5V , the IC shouldn't work. am I right…

  • RE: ADM3052 with Microchip MCU problem

    Hi Jerry,

    I setup an ezLINX-IIIDE-EBZ in the lab, and connected it to another board that has both an ADM3052 and MCP2515.

    The MCP2515 is connected to a MCU.

    The ADM3052 is operated at 5V on Vdd1 and at 11V on V+.

    The MCP2515 is operated at 5V.


  • ADM3053/3053/3054 Isolated CAN Transceiver

    Do you also have an isolated CAN transceiver?



    ADM3052: 5kVrms Signal Isolated CAN Transceivers w/ high voltage LDO for bus
    powered applications (www.analog.com/ADM3052 )
    ADM3053: 2.5kVRms Signal and Power Isolated CAN Transceiver

  • ADM305x differences

    ADM3054 is specified with Vdd2 4.75 .. 5.25V. The ADM3052 and ADM3053 are
    specified to 5.5V. Is there any reason for these differences?


    For the isolated ADM3053 with the integrated DC-DC isoPower:
    The VCC is transferred to the secondary side,…