• ADM3051 CAN Transceiver

    Do you provide any Linux CAN driver support along with this ADM3051 IC?

    For using a non - CAN tx - rx GPIO configuration.



  • ADM3051 protection circuit

    Hi, support team.

    Please tell me the configuration of the protection circuit of ADM3051.
    To protect CANH/CANL from ± 36V , Is there a protection element other than attached circuit?

    Best regards,

  • ADM3051



    I have a question ADM3051.


    Can I use the ADM 3051 as shown in the figure below?

    Best Regards




    I have a question ADM3051 Maximum Ratings.

    In customer's usage state, -1.3V/40ns is impressed on a TxD terminal and a RS terminal.

    ADM3051 Maximum Ratings

    The under chute hours are 6ns and instant-like.
    When mean voltage is considered as…

  • the rating of the sink current of ADM3051 RXD pin

    Device : ADM3051.

    Please teach me the rating of RXD the sink current.

    I would like to drive the photocoupler using the H/L of RXD.
    Insert the resistance, drive current of the photo-coupler is 10mA.
    So RXD pin,Current is 10mA sink.

    I attach a rough i…

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  • RE: ADM305x CANopen

    Hi Keven,

    Yes if it is based on classic CAN. The ADM3051/2/3/4 transceivers comply with ISO11898 for classic CAN. 



  • RE: What is Current Consumption of ADM3053 at lower data rates?

    Hi Kannan,

    When comparing the ADM3053 current consumption, the MCP2551 or other non-isolated CAN parts are not the best match. The ADM3051 is our non-isolated CAN transceiver best match.

    For example;

    Supply current…

  • RE: Isolate (decouple) two CAN buses with the ADM3053

    Hi Ultraviolet919,

    Yes, it should be possible to implement back to back ADM3053/ADM3053, connecting the logic I/O pins TX and RX together.

    As such, you are creating an isolated CAN repeater node.

    In a previous post, one customer used ADM3053 + ADM3051…

  • RE: cn-0209

    Hi Divya,

    The ADuCM360 has UART but not CAN interfaces. Some options:

    • You could use the AD7193 24-bit ADC and connect this to a microcontroller that supports the interfaces and processing you require.
    • Another alternative is to use the ADuCM360…