• ADM3050E


    Does ADM3050E support classic CAN applications? Can I use it for CAN2.0A and 1 Mbps with FPGA?

    Thank you


  • ADM3050


    I want to know that ADM3050 can also be used for CAN2.0B  or not as it is transceiver for CAN-FD bus??? 

  • CE and TUV certificate for ADM3050E

    Could anybody  provide the CE and TUV certificate for ADM3050E? Thanks.

  • RE: ADM3054 Common Mode Voltage

    Hi Guy, 

    The ADM3054 transceiver can tolerate a +12/-7 common mode range. The figure is perhaps a bit hidden in Table1's test conditions of the receiver specifications in the ADM3054 datasheet. 

    The latest generation of signal isolated CAN FD transceivers…

  • RE: Reliability Data of ADM3055E and ADM3058E


    You can refer to ADM3057E (you will see some of the process data was actually gathered using ADM3055E) and for ADM3058E you can refer to ADM3050E (the same process is used for ADM3058E).

  • RE: ADM3058EBRIZ isolated CAN transceiver- I do not need the isolation

    Hi Shiladitya, 

    The ADM3050E/55E/56E/57E/58E all use the same transceiver. Any of those products could be options when only data rate is important. They are the only transceivers on the market that support >8Mbps that I am aware of. ADI doesn't have non…

  • 21合1,ADI新品年底大盘点来啦







    LTC7821把开关电容器电路与一个同步降压型控制器相结合,可使 DC/DC 转换器解决方案尺寸相比传统降压解决方案锐减 50% 之多。这种改善是通过将开关频率提高 3 倍实现的 (并未牺牲效率)。或者,当工作于相同的频率时,基于…