• How to test with EVAL-ADM2914


    currently I'am working with the ADM2914 evalboard and wanted to test the function of the ADM2914. I red the schematic and the user guide, but i have no idea how to test the functions of OV and UV. You can set a bunch of voltages which are configurable…

  • EVAL-ADM2914

    Can you please share the layout files (gerbers) for the EVAL-ADM2914?

  • RE: what's the best way of selecting resistor divider values for ADM2914/ADM12914?

    attached C program and excel tool are useful for calculating the three-resistor divider for ADM2914 and ADM12914.


    Hi Jose,

    You are right about the datasheet error. VH should always connect to the higher voltage potential of the divider.

    This error has been logged and will be corrected in the next datasheet revision.

    thank you.


  • Latch and Timer @ ADM2914-1


    I have the following use case:

    - 4 voltages, 1 is negative.

    - LATCH is low (remember over voltage)

    - TIMER pin with 8.2nF => ~100ms

    During startup the TIMER should not trigger /OV vor 100ms (the negative voltage is a lttle late). But after…

  • What is the input current range for the VLx pins?

    The ADM2914 has a nominal current through the resistor divider network.  In the provided example in the datasheet, they choose 5uA through both resistor dividers, but didn't explain why that was chosen.


    In the example figure 23 they choose different…

  • RE: PLL configuration... only works after hardware reset ...BF504F

    Hey Nabeel,

    yeah - it's the 400MHz one (BF504BCPZ-4F).

    VDDINT is 1,4V.

    Here are 2 parts of the schematic, maybe you see an obvious mistake I made?



  • RE: VHx, VLx input current at Vcc open/GND on ADM12914,ADM2914

    hi Moto,

    These specs are not quantified under these conditions. i would expect higher input current outside the input voltage range used in test, but not out of the roof.

    the max rating section indicates the inputs are not linked/clamped to VCC, so…