• ADM2867E RS 422 Transceiver

    scenario 1

    I am interfacing RS-422(Isolated) channels of two systems with each other and  each system has RS-422 which have five wires i.e Tx-, Tx+,Rx-,Rx+ and Ground as show in attached diagram (File name : Both_System_ADM2867)

    Q1:Did we need to connect…

  • RE: ADM2867E Radiation

    Hi Thomas,

    Could you share more details on the emission levels you are seeing with the device? I am surprised to see the 4.02GHz frequency appear from the ADM2867E. 

    If possible I would recommend reducing the size of the GND2 plane -> This will reduce the…

  • ADM2867隔离输出电源问题

    ADM2867在Vsel接GNDiso后,理论上VISOOUT应该输出3.3V电压,原理图也是按照手册推荐电路进行绘制的,但是测试时发现3.3V输出电压为锯齿状,根本不能工作,将Vsel设置成高电平即VISOU输出5V时就没有问题,芯片手册上说VISOUT和VISOIN间需要加BLM15HD182SN1 磁珠,必须这个型号吗?,我用的磁珠是BLM21BD182SN1D,参数基本上一样的,卸掉这个磁珠3.3V就会正常,为什么啊。



  • Inquiry regarding ADM2567E/ADM2867E Repeater Evaluation Board availability

    Hello, all

    Now we have one inquiry regarding ADM2567E/ADM2867E Repeater Evaluation Board availability from our customer.

    Please refer to the items below, and feedback us with your comment. 

    They are trying to evaluate emissions of ADM2567E/ADM2867E by e…

  • ADM2867E RS485 Compliant?


    I plan to use this device into a RS-485 design, but I didn’t see any notice/tips that this IC compatible with TIA/EIA-485-A standard (which is a general standard for RS-485 communication) from its datasheet, would you please help to confirm this…

  • Future Shocked

    “Ouch! That hurt.”

    door knob static

    You bet it hurt, with thousands of volts of electricity discharging from our fingertips to that doorknob. Lucky for us, the electro-static charge may be high in voltage but very low current, so all we hurt is our pride…

  • RE: 2 or 4 channel transceiver with isolation supply

    Hi Sandeep, 

    Thank you for your query, 

    At present we have no 2 or 4 channel isolated RS-422/RS-485 transceivers available in a single IC. 

    You can create one of these using a combination of 2 or more ICs. 

    For the case of two isolated RS-422/RS-485 receivers…

  • About the board dimensional drawing of EVAL-ADM2867EEBZ.


    I need the dimensional drawing of EVAL-ADM2867EEBZ.
    Please provide this.

    If you have a question, Please let me know.

    Best Regard.

  • RE: How to upload a picture in the post?

    This thread is an example where I can not post images: https://ez.analog.com/interface-isolation/f/q-a/535289/adm2867e-radiation , see attached screengrab. 

    In this and other threads the "upload" box appears as expected

  • RE: Using multiple ADuM6028-5BRIZ devices

    Hi tbob, 

    The EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ may be a helpful example. Its a two port (CAN & RS485) board that demonstrates layout techniques with the ADM3053 and ADM2582E. This board meets Class A. Emissions scans are available in UG-1561.

    The ADM3055E and A…