• ADM2682E/ADM2687E Recommended Application Notes

    Do you have any recommended application notes that would help design in the


    Please go to www.analog.com and search for:
    AN-0971: Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices
    AN-960: RS-485/RS-422…
  • ADM2687E当485用收发问题


  • ADM2687E引脚B故障提问


    测试环境在室内,工作在输出模式时,信号正常。当连续工作几天后,再次检查电路时,发现工作在接收模式时,ADM2687却无法解调信号,后期检查电路发现,Pin13 B已经与Pin9和Pin16的GND2短路。出现几率不低,有些芯片焊接后通电就马上出问题,有些则工作一段时间才出问题。


  • ADM2687E: Minimum and Maximum Viso specifications

    There is only a typical value provided in datasheet for isolated supply voltage
    (3.3V).  Is there a minimum and maximum spec/recommendation for Viso?


    We don’t specify minimum and maximum specs for Viso, as Visoout is not intended
  • ADM2687E Max and Min value of Visoout


    I'd like to know ADM2687E's Min and Max Visoout value not only Typ on Datasheet.

    Is there any information about it?

    If there are no information, could you show me a distribution map of Visoout typical value. It is also useful.

    Thank you…

  • supply voltage 3.3V and 5V in ADM2687 work?

    I have to connect 2 board using isolated RS485 ADM2687E, on board 1 Vsupply is 3.3V and on board 2 Vsuppply is 5V. This configuration work well? I don't have EV board to evaluate this configuration, but theory doesn't effect. 

  • ADM2687 导致LDO输出不稳定

    上图是我电路中的电源部分的示意图。由开关稳压器得到的5v电压一方面通过LDO产生3.3v电压,一方面为ADM2687隔离变压器的逻辑侧提供5v供电电压(ADM2687集成了DC/DC,自身能够为总线一侧提供3.3v供电)。 现在的问题是:电路中焊上ADM2687后,LDO输出不稳定,在两个电压值上下跳动(上下两个电压差约200mv),去掉这个隔离收发器,LDO就工作正常。我了解到,ADM2687要十分注意PCB布局,否则会产生EMI,我不知道是不是我布局的问题。 请大家帮帮忙,谢谢了!

  • ADM2682E/ADM2687E providing additional current to external devices

    Can the internal isolated DC/DC converter provide additional current to
    external devices using
    the Visoout pin?


    No, the internal DC/DC converter only has sufficient power to power the RS-485
    transceiver and
    termination load…
  • Using multiple ADM2687 in a row on a single circuit board


    In my design i want to use multiple (8) ADM2687 chips in a row on a single board. The distance between them will be no more than 10 mm (0.4 inches). Is this normal from an EM radiation perspective? Or the individual shield is necessary to eliminate…

  • RE: ADM2682E/ADM2687E 评估板隔离耐压问题?

    难道说“ADM2682E/ADM2687E 评估板”不是为了评估“ADM2682E/ADM2687E”芯片性能的板子吗?芯片的隔离耐压不需要板子就可以评估测试吗?