• ADM2682E/ADM2687E Isolation Voltage

    What isolation voltage does the ADM2682E/87E meet?


    The ADM2682E/87E provides an isolation withstand voltage of 5 kVrms per UL1577
    between the two sides of the isolation barrier. This is the transient voltage
    that the part can withstand for one…

  • ADM2682E start up currents


    What is the expected value of ADM2682E start up current when driving 120R load and no load conditions.

    We encountered with an interesting situation. We have 5V/250mA power supply and our circuit's nominal current consumption is 130 mA. But ADMs…

  • Difference between ADM2682E and ADM2687E

    What are the differences between the ADM2682E and ADM2687E?


    The only difference between the two parts is the data-rate, the ADM2682E is a
    16Mbps part and the ADM2687E is a 500kbps part.

  • ADM2682E/ADM2687E Creepage and Clearance

    What creepage and clearance does the ADM2682E/87E have, and what do these
    characteristics refer to?


    The ADM2682E/87E has more than 8 mm of creepage and clearance. Creepage refers
    to the shortest path between two conductive parts, or between a…

  • ADM2682E/ADM2687E Recommended Application Notes

    Do you have any recommended application notes that would help design in the


    Please go to www.analog.com and search for:
    AN-0971: Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices
    AN-960: RS-485/RS-422 Circuit Implementation…

  • ADM2682E/ADM2687E providing additional current to external devices

    Can the internal isolated DC/DC converter provide additional current to
    external devices using
    the Visoout pin?


    No, the internal DC/DC converter only has sufficient power to power the RS-485
    transceiver and
    termination load.  Additional power…

  • Replacing ADM2687Es with ADM2682E


    Is there any issue if I am replacing the the current ADM2687E with the faster version ADM2682E?

    This is just a BOM change. No functionality change in term of operating data rate.

    Is there any different in the DCDC between the two that will produce…

  • ADM2682E Logic Inputs (DE, RE, TxD) Threshold


    Logic Inputs DE, RE, TxD Thresholds defined in the Table 1, on page 3 of datasheet. But I'm a little confused about the min and max values of thresholds. 

    In datasheet, 

    Input Low Voltage (0.27Vcc) is specified as "min", 

    Input High…

  • Using ADM2682E in long distance

    when i use ADM2682E between two nodes of which the distance is more than 100m, do i need to connect the two GND2 of ADM2682E to provide reference? Or just connect the bus pins of two ADM2682E chips with termination resister is ok ?