• RE: Failure mode of ADM2682 transceiver

    Hi Robin, 

    The ADM2682E encodes LH and HL edges received on the inputs as pulses which are transmitted across the isolation barrier, and decoded back into the respective high or low on the opposite side. 

    A loss of communication across the isolation barrier…

  • RE: ADM2682E VISOOUT Response

    Hi Hiroyuki, 

    This is expected behavior for the ADM2682E and is caused by the step change in load when the DE switches to/from L and H, and by the dynamic load regulation of the isolated DCDC converter in the ADM2682E. 

    When the DE pin is low, the ADM2682E…

  • RE: ADM2682E unnecessary “L” output

    This behavior is related to the dv/dt of the A/B waveform when the driver changes from output H state to high impedance (which happens on the falling edge of the DE signal) 

    This unnecessary L output can be removed by placing a 1nF capacitor between the…

  • ADM2682E over BNC?

    I have a control system using iso RS-485 using ADM2682E - But someone wants to use it over a BNC link (standard video cable). We have managed it, but are there any recommendations we should be aware of for this? Is it just plain bad behaviour?

  • ADM2682E/ADM2687E Isolation Voltage

    What isolation voltage does the ADM2682E/87E meet?


    The ADM2682E/87E provides an isolation withstand voltage of 5 kVrms per UL1577
    between the two sides of the isolation barrier. This is the transient voltage
    that the part can withstand…
  • Difference between ADM2682E and ADM2687E

    What are the differences between the ADM2682E and ADM2687E?


    The only difference between the two parts is the data-rate, the ADM2682E is a
    16Mbps part and the ADM2687E is a 500kbps part.
  • ADM2682E/ADM2687E Creepage and Clearance

    What creepage and clearance does the ADM2682E/87E have, and what do these
    characteristics refer to?


    The ADM2682E/87E has more than 8 mm of creepage and clearance. Creepage refers
    to the shortest path between two conductive parts, or…
  • ADM2682 Half-Duplex Echo Mode

    Hi, I am using ADM2682 in half-duplex echo mode. To do this I connect A-Y and B-Z pins also I connect RE to ground and DE to high. When I am transmitting data, It echoes back and that is what I want , but when other chip on the bus responds I can't get…

  • ADM2682E over BNC in principle?

    Hi Conal,

    can you confirm that in principle, comms via the ADM2682E should work over BNC (i.e. two wires) for a half-duplex two-wire connection since the isolated GND2 (pins 9 and 16) is just a receiver current drain to an earth ground (as in fast-ethernet…

  • EMI problems with ADM2682E


    i implemented in our new product about 10 nodes with the ADM2682E.

    The bus we use is a 4 wire bus full-duplex and terminated at it's ends with 120ohm.

    EMI tests on the system shows that we have big problems around 400MHz.

    AN-0971 and also…