• ADM2582E Emission frequency shift


    I have a question about ADM2582E.

    I understand that the emission noise of the ADM2582E is 180 MHz and 360 MHz.

    Can these 180MHz and 360MHz shift to about 400MHz due to the influence of layout etc.?

    Emission noise of 400MHz has been confirmed on the…

  • ADM2582E Technology Type

    What kind of technology (I.e. CMOS, FET, Bipolar) does the ADM2582E use? adm2582e

  • ADM2582E: Driver


    I have a question about the DRIVER of ADM2582E.

    How many ohms can the DRIVER of ADM2582E drive the load?

    Additionally, I have a question about Visoout of ADM2582E.

    The ADM2582E tepically has no current available externally on Visoout.


  • ADM2582E VDE Certificate


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer has requested the VDE certicate for ADM2582E.

    Would you send me a copy of the report ?



  • ADM2582 EMI

    EVAL-ADM2582EEMIZ uses C19 high-voltage capacitors to reduce interference to the power supply. This way, interference on the 485 line may enter the MCU system through C19. What is the impact of interference into the MCU system?
    What is the impact of iCoupler…

  • ADM2582E, stub length


    On ADM2582E datasheet, it is stated to keep stub lengths as short as possible.

    Is there any maximum length of the said stub?

    Thank you

  • ADM2582  quiescent current ?

    I have a design that uses multiple the ADM2582 and would like to calculate the power reduction if I disable the RX and TX of the ADM.  What is the quiescent current of this device.  I looked at the datasheet and could not find it..  It is possible that I…

  • Emission of ADM2582E


    I understand that the emission noise of the ADM2582E is 180 MHz and 360 MHz.
    Does the frequency of the light emission noise depend on the power supply voltage (3.3 V and 5 V)? Or will it not change?
    I look at Fig12 and Fig16 of AN-1349 and I am worried…

  • ADM2582E Noise Margin Expansion


    We would like to add pull-up and pull-down resisters as attached figure to increase the noise margin.

    Is it possible to connect it to RS-485 5V bus?
    Because Visoout is 3.3V.

    Best regards,


  • Bias register value of ADM2582E

    Hi, I have a question about Bias register value of ADM2582E.

    ADM2582E usage as below,

    RS485 half duplex, p to p ,10Mbps,


    Cable length 1m-2m,

    Rt 120 ohm

    When both of  R1 and R2 is 990 ohm (following with formula in page 12 of AN-960),  about…