• ADM2582E doesn't receive differential signal with low common-mode voltage

    Hi, I use a device with ADM2582EBRWZ tranceiver. It connects to the other device using RS-485 mode. The device sends request to remote device and receives answer. In some cases voltage level in A and B lines becames less than ground potential (ground…

  • ADM2582E Emission frequency shift


    I have a question about ADM2582E.

    I understand that the emission noise of the ADM2582E is 180 MHz and 360 MHz.

    Can these 180MHz and 360MHz shift to about 400MHz due to the influence of layout etc.?

    Emission noise of 400MHz has been confirmed on the…

  • ADM2582E VDE Certificate


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer has requested the VDE certicate for ADM2582E.

    Would you send me a copy of the report ?



  • High Temperature Problem at ADM2582E

    My customer designed it like the above circuit using ADM2582E , but the chip temperature is about 60 ~ 70 degrees.
    Is the temperature normal?  If it is abnormal, please advise how we can improve

  • ADM2582 EMI

    EVAL-ADM2582EEMIZ uses C19 high-voltage capacitors to reduce interference to the power supply. This way, interference on the 485 line may enter the MCU system through C19. What is the impact of interference into the MCU system?
    What is the impact of iCoupler…

  • PmodRS485 connection issue (ADM2582E)

    Hello im using a PmodRS485 (powered using 3.3v) which is using a ADM2582E rs485. On the receiver side is a Dtech rs485 to USB converter connected to a labtop.  Im sending a packet as below:-

    BE A0 12 34 02 10 00 02 00 00 00 5B C3 00 89 B1

    but i always…

  • ADM2582 RECEIVER Input A,B condition


    Communication availability depends on the input condition of the receiver AB of the ADM2852.

    I think that there is no problem in terms of specifications, but where is the cause?

    NG: A-pin 0.8V - 2.6V, B-pin 2.6V - 0.8V  AND Drive HiZ 1,5V

    OK: A…

  • ADM2582E- RS422 Data rate and cable type over long distance

    Dear sir,

    In my application i want to use ADM2582E for RS422 transceiver using coaxial cable.....

    Can you pls give the how much distance can i use and driving current of this IC at 2 Mbps data rate over long distance......

  • lowest data rate supported by ADM2582E/ADM2587E

    What is the lowest data rate supported by ADM2582E/ADM2587E?


  • Can the ADM2582E/7E receive and transmit static signals?

    Is the ADM2582E, or ADM2587E, able to receive and transmit static signals i.e. a 0 or 1 with no transitions?

    I can't find any information on a minimum data rate in the datasheet.

    The application is transmission of a mode signal between two racks using…