• RE: ADM2582E: MCU-RXD will receive FFh after MCU-TXD sent Data

    Hi Johnson,

    The HL transition on the ADM2582E RXD (MCU-RXD) CH4 of Figure 1 appears to line up with the falling edge of the signal on CH1. This signal is disabling the transmitter of the ADM2852E and enabling the receiver. For the duration of transmission…

  • ADM2582E Technology Type

    What kind of technology (I.e. CMOS, FET, Bipolar) does the ADM2582E use? adm2582e

  • ADM2582E: Driver


    I have a question about the DRIVER of ADM2582E.

    How many ohms can the DRIVER of ADM2582E drive the load?

    Additionally, I have a question about Visoout of ADM2582E.

    The ADM2582E tepically has no current available externally on Visoout.


  • RE: ADM2582EBRWZ VISOOUT drops

    Hi Hiro,

    Any information on the datarate the customer is using the ADM2582E at? Higher frequency operation will draw more current from the VISO pin, and will increase resistive drop on the VISO level.

    The ADM2582E VISO supply is rated as a typical 3.3V…

  • ADM2582E consumption versus datarate


    Into ADM2582E datasheet there no information about consumption versus datarate. Consumption

    is only given at 16Mbps.

    but if I want to use the ADM2582E at 3Mbps, what is the consumption witout a load ?



  • Bias register value of ADM2582E

    Hi, I have a question about Bias register value of ADM2582E.

    ADM2582E usage as below,

    RS485 half duplex, p to p ,10Mbps,


    Cable length 1m-2m,

    Rt 120 ohm

    When both of  R1 and R2 is 990 ohm (following with formula in page 12 of AN-960),  about…

  • RE: what is the relation of transmission distance and Baud rate,for ADM2582E?

    dear Conal,

    thanks for your reply. I see the isolation DC/DC of ADM2582E will regulate the voltage to 3.3v.

    In my previous test, I find 5v power will transmit farther  than 3.3v power at the same data rate. So, I am very worried that ADM2582E will not…

  • RE: ADM2582E Noise Margin Expansion

    Hi Nikkee,

    Yes you can  operate the ADM2582E over the receiver input common mode range (−7 V < VCM < +12 V) with the 1.2kΩ pull-up resistor.

    The absolute maximum ratings for the ADM2582E data sheet state:

    Stresses at or above those listed under…

  • RE: Can I supply the external power for the VISOIN pin of ADUM2852E?

    Using an external power supply for Visoin is not a normal mode of operation for the ADM2582E and datasheet specifications apply for Visoout connected to Visoin.

    Visoin requires a 3.3V power supply (3V to 3.6V) to power the RS-485 transceiver as well…

  • Emission of ADM2582E


    I understand that the emission noise of the ADM2582E is 180 MHz and 360 MHz.
    Does the frequency of the light emission noise depend on the power supply voltage (3.3 V and 5 V)? Or will it not change?
    I look at Fig12 and Fig16 of AN-1349 and I am worried…