• ADM2486 GND2 Connection


    I am planning to use ADM2486 in an 61375-1 Copyright IEC:2007 application where other RS-485 transcievers might be transformer coupled and do not have GND connection.

    Will ADM2486 work reliably without GND2 connection?

    Will there be  - Tx frame DC voltage…

  • ADM2486 Ground connection


    One customer is reviewing the ADM2486 for UART to RS485 converting.

    1. Datasheet noticed the Vdd2 can only be 5V, I just want to know if 3.3v works or not. 

    2. Is there any problem for operation to connect GND1 and GND2 without isolation?


  • About "Sticky Bit" Issue data of ADM2486E


    I am evaluating the ADM2486E, but I want to know the noise immunity.

    Are there documents such as User Guide and Application Note that describes the robustness of the ADM2486E Receiver output when noise is applied on the BUS Differential Line…

  • ADM2486应用电路的问题

     大家好,我在使用ADM2486进行TTL转RS485时,用到了如图所示电路,但是发现电路不工作,485输出没有任何信号,请问可能的原因是什么?  RE和RTS我使用的一个高发低收的触发信号,Vdd1的+3.3V使用的dsp28335板子过来的+3.3V;Vdd2是使用的经过DC-DC隔离之后的+5V电压。这个电路将PV直接与+3.3V连接是否正确?万望不吝赐教,谢谢。

  • ADM2486芯片在Profibus DP中的应用接口电路

    采用VPC3+C与磁隔离485转换芯片ADM2486设计应用Profibus DP通信过程中,经常会损坏ADM2486,无明显损坏痕迹,更换新的芯片后,恢复正常,有无VPC3+C与ADM2486在profibus DP应用中到“D”型9针插头的外围参考电路?



  • 关于ADM2486在RS485通讯使用中终端电阻的使用


  • ADM2483_ESD AB impedance

    I have some questions about ADM2486. Hope you can help me with them:
    1) What is the ESD level of ADM2486? Does it pass HBM 1000V or higher than
    2) My customer tests with a new part to measure the resistor between Vcc2 and
  • RE: Profibus Interface RS-485

    Dear Renato,

    Thank you for your question. The ADM2486 was designed to be fully profibus compliant and the 100k pull-up and pull-down resistors mentioned in the profibus test specfication should be ok to use with the ADM2486.



  • ADM2485 VDD2 voltage

    One customer is using our ADM2486 and noticed the Vdd2 can only be 5V, he just
    want to know if 3.3v works or not.

    He is evaluating the parts with Vdd1=Vdd2=3.3v and seems it works well.


    Vdd1 is spec’d for both 3.3V & 5V supplies…
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