• RE: ADUM3402 and ADM3078 versus ADM2682

    Hi NTipping,

    What DC-DC convertor are you using? Is it an isoPower solution, such as the ADuM5000?

    The power conversion efficiency is not specified for the ADM2682E, it is restricted by the small size of the internal transformer and this is the reason…

  • ADM2485 VDD2 voltage

    One customer is using our ADM2486 and noticed the Vdd2 can only be 5V, he just
    want to know if 3.3v works or not.

    He is evaluating the parts with Vdd1=Vdd2=3.3v and seems it works well.


    Vdd1 is spec’d for both 3.3V & 5V supplies…
  • RE: ADM2485 parameters for RS485

    Hi Pj,

    At lower data rates, such as 10kbps or 20kbps it will be possible to communicate over much longer distances, up to 4000 feet.

    Yes, correct, the termination resistor value should equal the characteristic impedance of the cable.

    Yes, the 'inverse…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    深圳   科技园   做数字电源   关注 数字隔离  ADM2485

  • ADM2485 - Transient Immunity and Line Biasing

    Dear Sir,

    We are manufacturer of range of actuators which uses RS485 communication as backbone.

    Currently we are using TI,  ISO3088 - isolated RS485 converter.

    We are revisiting the design and want to have ADM2485 to be tried and if found satisfactory…

  • RE: Does ADI have loss of GND Solution


    the RS-485 transceiver we used is ADM2485.

    The power AC 220v is tied to node0, the node0 converts it to DC 12v, then the 12v is power for node1,2..N.

    I hope the circuit I mentioned above can solve the prolbem.

  • RE: Isolated RS-485 Supply Voltage – ADM2587E Signal and Power Isolated RS-485

    Hi MMA,

    The ADM2582E/87E is not profibus compliant. If a profibus compliant part is required, I would advise using the ADM2485. This part contains an integrated transformer driver that drives an external transformer which then gets rectified and regulated…

  • need help with ADM2484E

    Have received a problem at use ADM2484E - the starting bit turns out with  "step". The circuit drawing and signal photo in the appendix. In the photo:

    - blue signal (3) - transmission enable - pin 5 DE ADM2484E

    - green (2) - TxD signal on 6…

  • Can the ADuM1250 drive a 25 metre line?

    Can the ADuM1250 drive a 25 metre line?


    The ADuM1250 is specified to drive 400pF. A 25m line is likely to have much
    more than 400pF of capacitance (very roughly 2pF /cm so 2500*2 = 5000pF)
    A 25m line will also couple large amounts of…
  • RE: Isolated RS-485 transceiver

    Yes, we do have RS-485 transceivers with integrated power isolation as well as signal isolation. The following parts all have isolated power using isoPower chip-scale micro-transformer technology:

    Part Number Isolation Ratin…