• Question: RS485 connection between 5V and 3.3V

    Hi there I have a question about ADM2484.
    Are there any issues if I use ADM2484 like the attached file?
    (The master is ADM2484 with 3V operation and the slave is 5V operation such as ADM4581)

    I'm a bit worried about the current flow from ADM4851 to ADM2484…

  • RE: need help with ADM2484E

    Hello Yuri,

    Thank you for the additional oscilloscope plot. This does look like unexpected bus contention for a short interval. That is to say, one of the other nodes is attempting to transmit at the initial interval where the ADM2484E is enabled. This…

  • ADM2484E Vdd2


    I have a question ADM2484E.

    ADM2484E DS is write,

    'The logic side of the device can be powered with either a 5 V or a 3.3 V supply, whereas the bus side requires an isolated 3.3 V supply.'


    And ,


  • RE: ADM2484E compliant with IEC 61010-1

    Hi newton,

    The ADM2484E is compliant to IEC 61010-1 3rd Ed.

    The ADM2484E data sheet needs to be updated.

    Please see this link to the CSA webpage:


  • ADM2484E current consumption


    What is the current consumption of the ADM2484E when there is no data transfer going on?

    Damon Kelly

  • ADM2484 revA board

    I have sent to my customer the new ADM2484E evaluation board revA. On ADI
    website we found only information about Rev 0. Could you send me the new
    schematic for Rev A board ?


    The ADM2484E Rev.A evaluation board schematics and BOM are…
  • isolater Maximum Continuous Working Voltage


    I have a question , Maximum Continuous Working Voltage.

    This is ADM2484E DS.

    It's written DC Voltage Basic Insulation 1066Vpeak , Reinforced Insulation 529Vpeak.

    ADE7913 DS is , DC Voltage Basic Insulation 1173Vpeak . not have Reinforced…

  • ADM2484E voltage specification

    the data sheet for the ADM2484E device lists the voltage supply range for VDD1
    from 3.3V to 5V. The VDD2 supply is rated 3.3V. On page 16, observing Table 7
    we can see VDD1 is rated to 7V max, however VDD2 is rated up to 6V.

    We were…
  • ADM2484E chip damage phenomenon

    when our system run in the field, which is damaged, ADM2484E communication isn't normal, system return back , we find A/B differential signal is different with normal things, pls help analyze, enclosed is SCH,normal wave and un-normal wave.

  • ADM2484E Power Supply Current


    I have a question ADM2484E Power Supply Current .

    Idd1 is MAX Power Supply Current is 2.0mA.

    Is at most an average of 2.0 mA of IC in case of 500kbps?
    Or when communicating, will it be at most 2.0 mA for a pulse?

    Please tell me the condition of…