• ADM2483 with isolated power supply


    I'm having an issue with an ADM2483 not doing full 'swings' on the RxD line....

    I have two ADM2483 side by side, one with an isolated bus power supply of 5V, and one with an non-isolated power supply of 5V. The non-isolated module…

  • About PV pin of ADM2483


    About PV pin of ADM2483

    Has internal pull-up resistors to the PV pin?

    If  pull-up resistance are incorporated, the number of value ?

    Let me tell your advice.

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  • unused PV pin of ADM2483


    About PV pin of ADM2483,

    Does user should do something for unused PV pin? or can leave NC?

    Datasheet does not say any recommendation for unused PV pin. So I suppose that PV pin can leave NC(open).

    Let me tell your advice.

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  • ADM2483保护的问题


  • ADM2483 PV ( power valid ? ) pin function

    I found that ADM2483 has a PV input pin and ADM809 is recommended to drive this
    pin. If I want to use this function, can I tie it to microcontroller to temporary isolate TXD/RXD pins from RS-485 traffic?

  • The isolated power for five ADM2483s working?

    Hi ,everyone:

    I use one  ADM2483 chip  with 1W isolated power (BS0505S-1W).Now I  want to use five ADM2483 chips on one PCB,so should I how to  choose the isolated power value ?


  • ADM2483隔离电源功率选择

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  • 【ADM2483】About the resistance of the common mode

    Does ADM2483 is tolerant until a noise of what V?

    Thank you.

  • ADM2483 - Are NC ("No Connect") pins internally connected?

    Are the NC pins on the ADM2483 internally connected?

    More specifically, to maintain compatibility with an existing layout is it acceptable to connect pin 10 (NC) with pin 9 (GND2)?  Will this affect isolation or transient ratings?

  • 原装ADM2483丝印问题请教

    ADM2483BRWZ ,正面蚀刻如图片,比常见的按比例缩小印在芯片中间的感觉,那个“*”实在是非常小这个模板是正规的吗?芯片背面的一个字母数字是产地或者封装地,请问另一串字母+数字序列是什么定义呢?