• ADM1293 I2C hold time

    Dear Sir,

             ADM1293 has support internal hold time of at least 300ns? If yes, the master provide 0ns to 299ns internal delay is ok? ADM1293 report data to master can measure the hold time of at least 300ns? Thanks!


    Hi , I would like to know the what time about Alert trigger  ?



    As i checked with datasheet below , I concern the response time. I hope it will small then 20us

    If it can be meet 20us? How fast it is ADM1293 can ?

  • ADM1293 Delta Power negative issue

    Hi Sir,

            Please help check below formula is correct?

    "delta_power = [Accumulated_power(n) + (rollover_count(n) * 2^15)] - [Accumulated_power(n-1) + (rollover_count(n-1) * 2^15)]"

    Because use (Data 2 - Data 1) and (Data 8 - Data 7) the delta_power…

  • What are the min and max sample rates for the ADM1293-1 over temperature?


    What are the min and max sample rates for the ADM1293-1 over temperature? 

    We are trying to decide if we can use the normal EIN Read or if we have to use the extended read.  We do not wish to do any averaging.

    The data sheet gives an example of 8236…

  • RE: Power Metering SoC


    the ADM1293 recently released or ADM1192 do exactly what you want, they measures current, voltage power and energy for a DC type system.



  • RE: High side current measurement

    Hi Htek,

        There are probably several dozen different ways to do this. Since you want to receive the value in digital form, I suggest that you use one of our high side current monitors. Take a look at these:

    LTC4151 High voltage I2C voltage and current…

  • adm1278/93

    the two device interface is PM-Bus,

      1. can the two device be controlled ( accessed) by i2c master ?

            from the experiment i had, it works by i2c master.

      2. from "1", does it means the two device is i2c compatible ?

      3. from Data Sheet…