• ADM1278 operation

    When I used 12V for ADM1278 and without EN pin. But I can read ADM1278 register information via I2C bus.

    Is it normal operation behavior for ADM1278?

    I don’t want to get any I2C ack from ADM1278 if I disable it.

    Would you kindly help to comment…

  • Is ADM1278-1AACPZ-RL Still active?

    Dear ADI Expert,

    Is ADM1278-1AACPZ-RL still active? why it didn't show in ADM1278's datasheet?

    And why it didn't show ADM1278-1AACPZ-RL

    Packing Qty in webpage? Is possible to revise this in datasheet?

    Thank you!

  • RE: How to setting ADM1278 ramping up rate?

    Hi Tony,

        The ADM1278 start-up ramp rate is determined by the capacitance at the GATE pin of the IC. This is a combination of the FET gate and an additional capacitor that you add. You can refer to the ADM1278 datasheet, page 26, in the section called…

  • RE: ADM1278 address setting


    I have another question with you, If OCP trigger and into latch mode.

    May I use enable pin for wake up ADM1278 lives ? or the only way is remove VCC and charge 12V again?

    Our customer request the OCP fault event need keep…

  • RE: ADM1278-2A Unused SPI Pin

    Hi Migs,

    Thanks for your reply, due to customer will use ADM1278-2A for 2nd source.

    Can I connect ADM1278-1A's pin9 , pin10 which are NIC (not internal connect) to Vcap? 

    Or if I use ADM1278-1A, I can't connect any pin to NC pin? 


  • ADM1278 Power Good pin

    Dear Sir:

    We are confronted with ADM1278

    We test ADM1278 on the PCB, and reach the PWGIN pin enable condition as below 

    But PWGIN pin always still stay disable status

    If there is any another condition will cause ADM1278 PWRGD pin disable 

    Thanks a…

  • ADM1278 alert setting and behaviors after set up.

    ADM1278 alert setting

    After we set ADM1278 alert threshold values, will ADM1278 reset alert signal by itself (like initialization)?

         -- We set OC alert, UV alert values, set PMON_CONFIG (0xD4), ALERT1_CONFIG (0xD5) and we can observe a GPIO 1 alert#…

  • ADM1278 HSC placement


    About  ADM1278  for HSC application placement.

    Since our board size is small,so Rshunt and MOS are place far away from controller.

    It is ok for ADM1278 HSC?

  • Can ADM1278 Support Intel Node Manager 4.0?

    Hello ADI expert,

    As title, Customer is using ADM1278 for server application and they wondering to know whether ADM1278 can support Intel Node Manager 4.0?

    Thank you