• ADM1278

    We are using ADM1278 in our Server design for Power monitoring. We have designed the circuit referring to the reference design from EVAL-ADM1278EBZ User Guide
    UG-601. The values for discrete components have been selected as per our current and voltage…

  • RE: How to setting or calculation the ADM1278 output current ramping up rate?

    Hi Andy,

        The ADM1278 does not set a CURRENT ramp. It sets a linear VOLTAGE ramp, which charges the output capacitors at a constant current, as explained in the datasheet section "SETTING A LINEAR OUTPUT VOLTAGE RAMP AT POWERUP". Figure 55 shows a capacitor…

  • ADM1278 Hot Swap Designer by Spreadsheet tool

    Dear Supporter,

    I used ADM1278_HotSwapDesigner.xlsm to design eFUSE for load condition below:

    - Imax = 187.67A

    - OCP = 234.6A


    - Rsense: 0.5mOhm/3W

    OCP condition only happen during the short time (200us). How to input above…

  • ADM1278 IBIS Model

    Dear ADI Expert,

    Does the ADM1278 have the IBIS simulation model?

    Thanks & best regards.

    Andy Yang.

  • ADM1278 operation

    When I used 12V for ADM1278 and without EN pin. But I can read ADM1278 register information via I2C bus.

    Is it normal operation behavior for ADM1278?

    I don’t want to get any I2C ack from ADM1278 if I disable it.

    Would you kindly help to comment…

  • adm1278/93

    the two device interface is PM-Bus,

      1. can the two device be controlled ( accessed) by i2c master ?

            from the experiment i had, it works by i2c master.

      2. from "1", does it means the two device is i2c compatible ?

      3. from Data Sheet…

  • ADM1278 HSC placement


    About  ADM1278  for HSC application placement.

    Since our board size is small,so Rshunt and MOS are place far away from controller.

    It is ok for ADM1278 HSC?

  • ADM1278 Temperature issue

    Dear Sir:

    We have a issue about ADM1278 issue as below 

    We measure the voltage of ADM1278 TEMP pin is 660mV,


    Would you please provide the equation  of the READ_TEMPERATURE_1 register with VTEMP ?

    Thanks a lot

  • ADM1278 CML error

    Sir, How do clean this fault?

    Due to I tested the PCH for DC power on to off (a cycle), We found the ADM1278 feedback the bit turn high.

    it will be clean only when we off the ADM1278 VCC.

  • ADM1278 temperature filter

    Dear Sir:

    Would you please help ADM1278 Temperature filter question as below 

    1.         Filter architecture?
    2.         The Filter bandwidth?
    3.         What’s conduction need to Enable this bit?

    The datasheet is showed as below