• ADM1276



    I'm working on ADM1276 now.


    Can you please to explain how to determine the Rsense value of this hot swap controller?


    Do you have any calculation tool to calculate the value of Rsense?




  • ADM1276 footprint


    please share with me the ADM1276 footprint. As download form the link for checking

    Symbols & Footprints | Design Center | Analog Devices 

    But it shows not cleanly, it hard to create the footprint as below screen. thanks

  • ADM1276 always ON


    I designed a board with 4 adm1276, all independant, except for the I2C link.

    On the board :

    3 ADM1276 are OK, One, I2C adresse "11", is always "ON", ENABLE pin has no effect. voltage level are OK. Enable PIn toggle with correct level.…

  • ADM1276 Calibration

    Hi Sir

    as screen, this is a register form ADM1276. the description is confuse us.


    What’s the conditions to reset it? Is there can reset by software or not? or else?

    What’s the meaning of “value after reset: 0”? Does mean doing the reset and it will…

  • RE: Hot-Swap ADM1275&ADM1276 Design


    the ADM1275 simulation model is available at the product web page. The product page also has links to the EVAL board document with Layout examples as well as the software to run the ADM127x.

    Hot Swap Controller Simulaton Model Simulation model…

  • RE: ADM1276 troubleshoot with the PMBUS

    Hi Nathan,

    We found our problem, It comes from the driver which uses "1" instead of high Z.

    Thanks for your help.


  • RE: ADM1276 CML_Fault issue

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    Thank you,
  • RE: ADM1276/ADM1278 with intel standard protocol

    Hi Kevin,

    First, it’s important to know that a devices does not have to implement all of a given PMBus spec version to claim compliance with that version. What that means is when the ADM1276/78 shows support for v1.x, that does not mean they implement…

  • ADM1276 FLB管脚没有基准电压输出,请问这是什么情况?

    管脚UV OV参数 正常,VCAP直接连接ISET,按照说明使用内部1V基准,通电使能,请问FLB管脚是不是有1V电压才对啊?还是我理解错误了,请帮忙解答下,谢谢!

  • Hot-swap sulution with PMBus and integrated temperature sensor


    My name is Meir and I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    MRV, one of my castomers, is interested in hot-swap sulution with PMBus and integrated temperature sensor.

    I suggested them following ADI solutions: ADM1275. ADM1276, ADM1175,…