HI Sir

    Now ,I want Survey the ADM1275 for server application

    In  the data sheet,Page 5, I don't know why GPO2 have 0.4v and 1.5v diff? why

    what is 0.4V IGPO2 = 1 mA

    what is 1.5V IGPO2 = 5mA

    I already mark the describe as the figure, attach of…

  • Hot-Swap ADM1275&ADM1276 Design

    Dear SIR:

    ADM1275,ADM1276 is the most complex application Hot-Swap product and design,ADI have utters ADIsimPower EXCEL file can supply us and quickly confirmed that all material specifications of the simulation software. another have any PCB Layout…

  • externally forcing latch-off of ADM1275-2

    Can I use an external pullup to force the TIMER pin high (to VCAP) and thus cause a latching turn-off of the ADM1275-2? I'd like to do this to implement an overvoltage protection on a secondary voltage that is derived from its output. Please comment if…

  • Any ADM1275 known Issue for Gate pin?

    Hi ADI Expert,

    My customer would like to ask is there any bug fixed for ADM1275 part regarding the gate functionality?

    Since there show the revision on ADM1275 datasheet which seems related to gate pin.

    Can you help to check whether this parts has…

  • ADM1275 foldback pin connection when not used?


    I have am designing ADM1275 into an application in which the foldback feature will not be needed. Can I the FLB pin to VCAP pin? That *seems* like the simplest way to handle this, I was hoping the datasheet would mention some recommendation. Please…

  • Can I get a Spice simulation model for adm1270? (or a model for Simetrix, like for ADM1275)

    I'm using ADM1275 in my designs and I have simulated some of them in Simetrix. Now I need a high voltage version and I'm looking at ADM1270. The controlled voltage is in the range 4-60V, so I'd like to simulate some scenarios first. Is there any chance…

  • Hot-swap sulution with PMBus and integrated temperature sensor


    My name is Meir and I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel.

    MRV, one of my castomers, is interested in hot-swap sulution with PMBus and integrated temperature sensor.

    I suggested them following ADI solutions: ADM1275. ADM1276, ADM1175,…

  • RE: BMS with Li-Battery


    in case you are interested we have some ICs that can handle some of the functions you are looking to implement:

    ADM1171:  2.7 V to 16 V Hot Swap Controller with Current Sense Output

    ADM1275:  Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power…
  • RE: ADM1276

    Hi There,

    The ADM1276 senses the current through the differential voltage across the sense pins (sense voltage).

    by default it will try to turn on the current regulation through controlling the gate of the external FET once the sense voltage reaches…

  • RE: ADI  Hot-Swap Current Shunt Resistors Select


    you can use multiple resistors in parallel to achieve the low value needed.

    The new ADM1278 will allow you to use a smaller voltage drop on the sense resistor due to it's accuracy.