Hi Chester,

        The ADM1272 has two GPIO pins, but these do not relate in any way to the RESTART function.

        The RESTART function is activated by a falling edge on the RESTART pin, or by a POWER_CYCLE PMBus command, and forces the ADM1272 to turn off the…

  • RE: ADM1272's ISTART current limit and Start-Up CB(circuit breaker)

    Hi Andy,

        The ISTART current limit sets the SENSE voltage (SENSE+ - SENSE-) at which the ADM1272's analog current control loop will actively throttle current flowing through the MOSFET. The ADM1272 will pull down on the GATE node to prevent current from…

  • ADM1272

    I would like to understand the method used to set the RC Network for EFAULT & ESTART Pins of ADM1272 . It's not clear to me from the datasheet .   I really appreciate any help , Thanks in advance

  • ADM1272 I_Set

    Hi , I have some problems for ADM1272 Eva-Board. I calculated resistance values for I_SET. These resistance values are 100Kohm (Vcap to Iset) and 226Kohm (Iset to GND)  I want I_SET = 1.9 volt. Therefore , It will be V_SENSE= 20mV and Current limit = 20…

  • ADM1272 design question

    Dear ADI Expert,

    My customer designed the ADM1272 circuit according to ADM1272-DESIGN-GUIDE-GENERAL-181015.pdf. Just place a similar RC network on the EFAULT pin in the picture below.

    The ADM1272_Workbook tool needs the bottom resistor(R18).

    My customer…

  • ADM1272 + (1) PSMN4R8-100BSE


    I'm looking at the ADM1272 and a single PSMN4R8-100BSE (as used in the ADM1272 EVAL board) for a couple of +48V based projects, and I have a couple of questions.  The first project is a cellular modem which for reception reasons needs to be…

  • ADM1272 pins values

    Hi ,

    ADM1272 datasheet isnis clearly to understand. For example, I did not understand E_fault and E_start pins. Is there any design tool this hot swap ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • ADM1272 Reading Vout Value

    Hi All,

     I am using ADM1272's evaluation board(EVAL-ADM1272EBZ). I am trying to code PMBus interface via VHDL. I want to read the Vout value for a specific application but I can't. According to datasheet, there are some procedures for reading Vout. I followed…

  • ADM1272 ENABLE issue

    Hi ADI

    We have use ADM1272 for 54V hotswap, but there has a problem that it can't be re-start when ENABLE is triggered.
    Here’s the condition below while occurring fault, could you help to analyze what happened?
    Test method: like warm boot at system…

  • ADM1272 Estart&Efault Pin

    Hi ,

    I have a ADM1272 Eva Board. It is not clearly information related Estart and Efault pins. The subject has been opened before. But nothing has been explained. Which formulas are applied here? Thanks for your help.