• ADM1272 LTSpice Model

    Are there any plans to release an LTSpice simulation model for the ADM1272? If so, is there any timeline for it?

  • ADM1272 ESD Level

    Hi ADI expert

    May I have your help to provide ESD level of ADM1272?

    it seems we can't found this information from datasheet.

    thank you in advance

  • ADM1272 I2C/SMBUS interface

    Hi Expert

    Since ADM1272 have the power cycle function. And I have found OC fault,CML,nonebove when doing power cycle.

    So I would like to have a question about this.

    Does ADI has any suggestion about how long the system needs to be turned on and ready…

  • Where is a VHDL or verilog model of ADM1272 ?


    Where can I find a VHDL or verilog model of ADM1272 ?



  • ADM1272 Peak Power register

    Hi Expert

    We saw the description of peak power in the ADM1272 datasheet. (0XDA)

    I can understand that Peak Power comes from voltage and current, but there are still a few questions that need your assistance.

    1. What time period is this based on? Does…

  • ADM1272 /RESTART

    Hi ADI Expert

    I have seen the following description in the ADM1272 datasheet: Does this mean that the GPIO1/2 can be used to get an adjustable restart time function?

    The restart function can also be triggered from a PMBus command. In all cases, the restart…

  • ADM1272 design question

    Dear ADI Expert,

    My customer designed the ADM1272 circuit according to ADM1272-DESIGN-GUIDE-GENERAL-181015.pdf. Just place a similar RC network on the EFAULT pin in the picture below.

    The ADM1272_Workbook tool needs the bottom resistor(R18).

    My customer…

  • ADM1272

    I would like to understand the method used to set the RC Network for EFAULT & ESTART Pins of ADM1272 . It's not clear to me from the datasheet .   I really appreciate any help , Thanks in advance

  • ADM1272 short circuit and EFAULT level and behavior

    Dear ADI Expert,

    My customer has 2 questions about the ADM1272 short circuit and EFAULT level and behavior. 

    1. ADM1272 not only detects Vsense when the output is short-circuited but also detects VDS, right? How much VDS voltage will be judged as output…

  • ADM1272 Enable pull low to gate start sinking current response time

    Hi ADI Expert

    May I know if there is a spec for the delay time when the enable pin is detected low to gate start sinking current to shut the external Mosfet off?

    thank you