• ADM1270 startup waveforms

    Hi There, 

    I am using the ADM1270 EVAL board to gain a better understanding of the part.

    Other than the following changes, the EVAL board is stock

    R4 -> 80K (Current limit = 2A, Iset = 2V)

    R2 -> 4.53K, R1 -> 324K (UV = 23.3V, OV = 33.8V)

    C3 -…

  • ADM1270 Foldback documentation query

    Hi There,

    I am trying to figure out how to implement Fold-Back in a circuit using the ADM1270.

    The specifics of my system are as follows

    UV = 23.3V

    OV = 33.8V

    OC = 12A

    ISET = 2.4V

    MOSFET = SQM50P08-25L_GE3

    The datasheet states that the controller compares…

  • ADM1270 FET gate details and misc

    Some details I can't seem to find out about the ADM1270.

    Is the P fet driven linearly or not?  Its not super clear in the datasheet how current limiting is accomplished.

    What should be done with the RPFG pin if not used?

    Also, am I missing something…

  • RE: ADM1270 for 15A sense

    Thank you, I was unclear if this was directed in some way to the soa power up calculations.

  • Current limit set in ADM1270


    I am using ADM1270ACPZ-R7 hotswap.

    My requirement is to set current limit to 500mA.

    So, from datasheet, I am using adjustable current limit formula.

    I have used resister divider to set Viset to 800mV.

    My Vsense is 20mV.

    Iset =500mA.

    At Foldback(FLB…

  • ADM1270 - PCB constraints


    Can you provide the PCB contraints for ADM1270 Hotswap controller IC since there is no information in datasheet regarding the PCB design guidelines. Can you also provide where we can find Layout guidelines for AD devices


    Abishek V

  • Adm1270 operation in negative temperatures

    Dear Sir, 

    In negative temperatures from -5 to -40 deg adm1270 is delaying to generate the gate voltage to p mosfet. So response is very slow. 

    Circuit schematic was shared in earlier communication. 

    Response time is 3 minute

  • ADM1270


    I want to limit the current using foldback function only. What I need to know is how to calculate the knee of the foldback current and the short circuit current.

    My application is for 1 Amp @ 45V. Also, I didn't clearly understand exactly how to calculate…

  • ADM1270 transient protecion

    On the ADM1270 evaluation board I am testing the protection for Vin min = 48V, Vin max = 56V. Is it good enough protection for IC if I solder SMAJ58CA on TVS D1 sites.

  • ADM1270 absolute maximum ratings

    ADM1270 maximum ratings are listed below:

    at UV, OV and FLB pin are limited to 6V, But if I look at the demo board schematic, when the input voltage is 60V, the UV pin is 6.9V.

    Is this condition allowed?

    Are there internal clamping diodes on pins?