• Adm1270 operation in negative temperatures

    Dear Sir, 

    In negative temperatures from -5 to -40 deg adm1270 is delaying to generate the gate voltage to p mosfet. So response is very slow. 

    Circuit schematic was shared in earlier communication. 

    Response time is 3 minute

  • RE: ADM1270

    Hi Kali,

        I suggest that you take a look at the ADM1270 Design Worksheet Tool located on the ADM1270 Product page.


        The tool will help you make design decisions for your ADM1270. Much of what you need to take into account…

  • ADM1270 Issue

    hi sir

    I  want to design the ADM1270 in my system, but I have two issue need to clarity before layout

    Q1.ADM1270 use the PMOS to be the switch, but PMOS cost Which expensive than NMOS, Why ADI use PMOS?

    Q2.ADM1270 Have reverse protect by RPFG,But I…

  • ADM1270 absolute maximum ratings

    ADM1270 maximum ratings are listed below:

    at UV, OV and FLB pin are limited to 6V, But if I look at the demo board schematic, when the input voltage is 60V, the UV pin is 6.9V.

    Is this condition allowed?

    Are there internal clamping diodes on pins?

  • ADM1270 Design Question

    Dear Sir:

    I want to design ADM1270 in my system. but study ADM1270 Datasheet Ver:PrE, not have the best reference designs provide to me refer. let me very confused. another can't find ADM1270CP-EVALZ and ADM1270RQ-EVALZ EVB board Schematic/PCB layout…

  • ADM1270 transient protecion

    On the ADM1270 evaluation board I am testing the protection for Vin min = 48V, Vin max = 56V. Is it good enough protection for IC if I solder SMAJ58CA on TVS D1 sites.

  • About ADM1270 ADISimPower Tool

    Dear All:

    I recently tested ADM1270 EVB Board encountered a great deal of trouble? because ADM1270 had a lot of external resistor. capacitors to control ADM1270,Every time to waste a lot of time to calculate it. ADI have supply ADM1270 ADISimPower excel…

  • ADM1270 Surge Stopper Function

    Dear Sir:

    Linear Tech. LT4356-x spec. similar to the  ADM1270. But LT4356-X all highlighted surge stopper protects(Clamp) function. I very care this function(See Figure 1), I wonder ADM1270 have any surge stopper protector features, if there is whether…

  • ADM1270 Reverse Supply Protection

    Dear All:

    The Hot-Swap have one important parameter "reverse supply protection". I want to know ADM1270 Input reverse supply protection maxim is how much?. the ADM1270 PrE datasheet page1 key Features show "Gate drive for low voltage drop reverse supply…

  • ADM1270 ==> IC Burned (Burned after power on)

    When entering 19V, ADM1270 occurs in the following three conditions.

    ADM1270 => IC Burned (Burned after power on)

    ADM1270 => IC Hot (Ic started hot)

    ADM1270 => (Vcc=19V, Vcap no output.)

    Is there a problem with the design?