• ADM1266 Firmware update issue


    When we tried to program ADM1266 new chip with ADI power studio version "ADI Power Studio v1.5.4.0", we got the the below firmware update success window.

    after that when we did power cycle the board, ADM1266 chip not able to detect by ADI…

  • LTM4657 and external PMIC (ADM1266)


    are there any special considerations for using LTM4657 when system margining is done by ADM1266?

    Idea is to place Vosn+ and Vosns- of LTM4657 at the output ceramic and ADM1266 sense at the pins of FPGA and perform margining using that.


  • ADM1266 PDIO Issue

    Hi Team,

    I am using ADM1266 as power sequencer. We programmed ADM1266 with required sequence and it was working propoerly.

    Suddenly it stoped working now, even though flashing working code.

    Issue obeserved that,

    Monitored power rail is up on VH1, but…

  • 关于ADM1266的使用


  • ADM1266 Configuration programming issue

    Hi ADI Expert

    I used my test tool to program the  ADM1266 configuration as the procedure noted in AN-1453

    Here are my steps:

    Step1.Set STOP SEQUENCE 0x11 ,delay 100ms, READ_STATE (0XD9) and get 0x00

    Step2. set UNLOCK ADM1266, delay 10ms, READ STATUS_ MFR_SPECIFIC…

  • ADM1266 Leakage Current


    I've taken over support for a CPU board developed by another engineer at Arista.  In this design, there's a 3.3V CR2032 coin cell which is converted to 1.5V by an ADP162 LDO.  This rail feeds the RTC of the x86 and is monitored by VP11 of…

  • ADM1266 and LTC2980 unused DAC pins

    When all DAC pins are unused for ADM1266 and LTC2980, should we left them unconnected or connect to GND?

  • ADM1266 not found on PMBus

    I am using three ADM1266 in a design.  These parts are not seen when opening Power Studio.  My setup has VH1 = 12V and VH2 = 0V (just 1 input bus).  These parts have a common I2C bus provided by an external 3.3V and the intradevice I2C bus connected to one…

  • ADM1266 PDIO during startup

    I would like to use an ADM1266 to control the Run/SS inputs of LTM8032 and LTM8032.

    To get soft-start, I would like to use the PDIO outputs as open drain outputs with internal pullup to 3V3 with an external 0.22 uF  cap to give a slow rising edge and…

  • Automated programming of ADM1266


    A customer of ours needs us to program a pair of ADM1266 devices on their board in an automated environment.

    I am familiar with using I2C and SMBus in an automated test system using standard I2C/SMBus hardware in a LabView environment.

    But there…