• What's the Theta-Jc of ADM1192


    Could you please help to provide the Theta-Jc of ADM1192 and the Max Ta of ADM1192; I can't find them in datasheet.


  • RE: Power Metering SoC


    the ADM1293 recently released or ADM1192 do exactly what you want, they measures current, voltage power and energy for a DC type system.



  • Blackfin uClinux 2011R1-RC1 bringup on TLL657M platform updates

    Dear Blackfin uClinux maintainers,

    We're committed to support our ADSP-BF527 powered TLL6527M platform with the Blackfin uClinux distribution. I would like to share update summary on our progress so far.

    -> RTC - fine

    -> GPIO access - fine…