• Concerning the ADM1191, what is the status of the I2C pins, if the chip remains unpowered and the I2C bus pins are pulled up (to 3.0V) . Will the I2C bus remain functioning?

    Will a unpowered ADM1191 IC effect the I2C bus?

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  • RE: ADM1191  Voltage readback

    Hi Sandeep,

    In that case you don't need them.

    You can short SENSE pin to VCC and ground the SETV and ALERTB pin.


  • confused about adm1191 application

    hi there .

    i plan to use adm1191 monitor to measure another chip's input voltage and current . and my teacher request a theoratical analysis . i got 2 questions while reading the datasheet:

    1. the voltage supply of 1191 ranged from 3.15V to 26V…

  • ADM1191 application question


    We would like to design the ADM1191 for POL power monitor application.

    So far I have three question for this schematic

    1. SETV pin, if we dont need to setting the alertb, may I floating this pin or any suggestion for this connection.

    2. About…

  • ADM1191 returns wrong values of voltage and current


    I use ADM1191 as a power meter (voltage and current) for motor control application. I init IC to continious convert both voltage and current, or voltage only, or current only. MCU reads values by I2C but returned voltage is less than measured…

  • RE: Can you give an example for reading voltage on ADM1191 please ?


    Unfortunately, at this point, we don't have any ADM1191 no-OS driver.

    For specific questions about the part, please open a thread on: https://ez.analog.com/power/f/q-a


  • RE: 说出您心中的ADI年度“贺岁片”,发帖、跟帖送大奖!(公布获奖名单啦)

    我心中的ADI年度贺岁片——ADM1191:  配有转换引脚和ALERTB输出数字电源监控器.

  • RE: Voltage and current errors with ADM1191 @ -10 degC

    Hi EMSolutions,

    I suspect when you are getting back the wrong voltage and current values, the data are all 0xFF.

    Could you check if this is the case?

    I can't see the sense resistor values very clearly on your diagram, but based on the voltage readings…

  • RE: High side current measurement

    Hi Htek,

        There are probably several dozen different ways to do this. Since you want to receive the value in digital form, I suggest that you use one of our high side current monitors. Take a look at these:

    LTC4151 High voltage I2C voltage and current…