• ADM1191  Voltage readback


    I want to use ADM1191 in only voltage readback mode.

    In that case do we really need Rsense and setV connections??

    pls clarify.


    Sandeep Jain

  • ADM1191 application question


    We would like to design the ADM1191 for POL power monitor application.

    So far I have three question for this schematic

    1. SETV pin, if we dont need to setting the alertb, may I floating this pin or any suggestion for this connection.

    2. About…

  • confused about adm1191 application

    hi there .

    i plan to use adm1191 monitor to measure another chip's input voltage and current . and my teacher request a theoratical analysis . i got 2 questions while reading the datasheet:

    1. the voltage supply of 1191 ranged from 3.15V to 26V…

  • ADM1191 returns wrong values of voltage and current


    I use ADM1191 as a power meter (voltage and current) for motor control application. I init IC to continious convert both voltage and current, or voltage only, or current only. MCU reads values by I2C but returned voltage is less than measured…

  • Voltage and current errors with ADM1191 @ -10 degC

    I'm using 3 ADM1191 to monitor the voltages and currents on my power amplifier FETs (see below). I've set up the devices to read continously and poll the values. They work as expected, except at about -10 deg C, 2 of the 3 devices sometimes start giving…

  • 关于ADM1191的电源问题

    小弟我是一个尚在学习过程的学生,现如今试图用ADM1191芯片测试其他电路的电流, 有两个问题想要请教:


    2、数据手册的第13页右方写着对其12BIT寄存器寄存的电压值的读取,公式给出的Vfullscale=6.65Vor26.52V 是否意味着要达到fullscale必须要用这两个电压才可以?如是,那若我要测其他范围的电压要如何调整其量程?如不是,我该怎么理解数据手册上这部分的内容?


  • 关于ADM1191的ALERTB管脚电压



  • Can you give an example for reading voltage on ADM1191 please ?

    I'm working with ADM1191 but I can not read voltage data.

    I use Cora z7 to act as master, and use ADM1191 to read voltage of pi-fan.

    In this case, I use 0x60 to be slave address.

    Here is my code,

    IIC::ConfigTable write_Config[4] = {{0x83,0x00}, …

  • Concerning the ADM1191, what is the status of the I2C pins, if the chip remains unpowered and the I2C bus pins are pulled up (to 3.0V) . Will the I2C bus remain functioning?

    Will a unpowered ADM1191 IC effect the I2C bus?

  • RE: 有一个ADC芯片 求型号