• ADM1186 Application Diagram

    Dear Sir:

    我看下ADM1186 Datasheet 发现到应用线路与EVAL-ADM1186-1EBZ /EVAL-ADM1186-2EBZ都发现到OUT1~OUT4 都必须去控制一个LDO IC 然后再输出到後端的Power IC Enable Pin (Figure 1),如果我今天有空间上的问题我可以直接把ADM1186 OUT1~OUT4直接去控制我后端的Power IC
    Enable Pin吗?(如图Figure 2),例如:ADP5052 EN1~EN4, Or ADP2386…

  • About ADM1186 Sequence


    I would like to use ADM1186.

    So, I have a question.

    The datasheet states that the state machine still monitors the on state power during the power down sequence.

    Does that mean that VIN4 will not be monitored at the timing when the OUT4 output of…

  • ADM1186 Unused channels

    Greetings all,

    we are planning to use the ADM1186 in sequencing an FPGA power tree. Since we have the supplies configured in three groups, one of the channels does not need to monitor or control anything.

    What is the best way (with minimum external components…

  • About ADM1186-2

    I'm using ADM1186-2 for 4 power supply sequencing in my design. ADM1186-2 is powered by 3.3V and 4 supplies to be sequenced are 2.25V, 2.5V, 1.2V, 1.1V in order. 

    I'm using an external mechanical switch to give UP pin a high for power sequencing to…

  • High Voltage Input ADM1186

    Dear All:

    ADP505x and ADM1186 are very suitable for use in FPGA power system. The ADP505x input voltage range: 4.5 V to 15 V. / ADM1186 input voltage range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V. If the system power outstrip +5V, ADM1186 need use an additional LDO Power IC…

  • ADM1186-1ARQZ: Review Request

    Part Number: ADM1186-1ARQZ

    Hi Team,

    ADM1186-1ARQZ is used in our design to power sequence multiple power ICs in cascade mode with the following parameters:

    Sequence UP driven by 5V (same as VCC)
    Sequence Down driven by 12V line given to DOWN of sequencer…

  • About ADM1186  On/Off sequence


    I would like to use ADM1186.

    So, I have some questions.

    About On sequence

    #1  Is it OK if VIN4 is 0.6V or more at the timing of ENABLE OUT4 active?

    About Off Sequence

    #2  Does the internal status and PWRGD signal operate asynchronously?

    #3  If VIN1…

  • ADM1186-2 Power Sequencing


    We are currently designed ADM1186-2 for FPGA power sequencing in the order of 1.0,, 2.5V. Attached is the Power sequencing circuit. We are unable to get the Out1 as well as the other outputs. We have tried changing the values of BLAN_DLY Caps…

  • ADM1186-2ARQZ - Wait start timing


    ADM1186-2ARQZ is used for power sequencing in our design. I need to know the WAIT START timing of the IC.



  • ADM1186-2ARQZ internal pull-down


    ADM1186-2ARQZ is used for power sequencing in our design. I have connected the OUTx pins of the sequencer to the ENABLE pins of the respective regulators. Hence, I need to know the internal pull-down resistance of the OUTx pins, so that I can add appropriate…