• ADM1178 I2C Read


    sending a single  I2C write command to the ADM1178 works as expected. The ADM1178 returns the ACK as one would expect. If an individual read command is sent, three bytes can be successfully read back, thus it also works as expected.

    However when a…

  • RE: ADM1178 - Can it be turned on and off via I2C?

    Hi Fred,

    the ADM1178 can be controlled by S/W but the ON pin has priority to disable. So if you keep ON pin high then you should be able to use command register to to toggle on and off. Sorry it took you so long to get a response... not sure why i only…

  • RE: Hot-swap sulution with PMBus and integrated temperature sensor

    Hi Meir,

    Technically ADM1175 and ADM1178 are not PMBus compatible parts, rather SMBus compatible.

    We do have a new hotswap controller that should release in 3-6 month that has remote temperature sensing function. I will send you the detail via email…

  • ADM1178如何同时读取电压和电流?





  • How to read ADS7-V2 DUT 12V current

    On the ADS7-V2 board, there's a U10 (an ADM1178 hotplug controller) that handles the overcurrent protection on the 12V supply to the FMC connector.

    That device is hooked up to PMU_{SDA, SCL} which then goes through a translator to the Blackfin and…