• RE: Adalm Pluto Power Consumption

    You can monitor current and voltage usage using the onboard ADM1177. It will provide the instantaneous current and voltage.

    The ADM1177 can used as an IIO device just like the AD936x.

    tcollins@winston:~$ iio_attr -u usb:2.38.5 -c adm1177 voltage0

  • Regard to the design of ADM1177

    I have questions regarding to below document.

    At "design example" section;

    1, "Itrip=30A" value is referring to the Id value of external MOSFET?
        Please teach…

  • ADM1177 TIMER pin behavior


    I would like to ask about ADM1177 hotswap device.

    Can I ask in engineerzone?

    I would like to know about VTIMER behavior in figure 32 and 33.

    Datasheet RevC P13 of 24 say

    "A hot swap fails if the load current does not drop below the overcurrent…

  • RE: ADALM-PLUTO - spontaneous reboots

    Hmm - we haven't observed such behavior so far. Depending on the USB cable used it may reboot due to mechanical power disconnects.

    But if you don't move the device such things shouldn't happen. 

    There is a watchdog daemon running, I would try…

  • RE: I2C on PlutoSDR

    Doh - Adrian is 100% correct - we do use I2C for the ADM1177 (U10). You should be able to tap into those lines both at 5.0V and 1.8V - depending on which side of the TCA9517DGKR (U11) you tie onto. Should be ~easy to tap into the pull up resistors for…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • Pluto SDR showing only 2 devices

    I received my PlutoSDR in the mail, and started setting it up on an Ubuntu 16.04 machine today. I've gone through the process of compiling libiio, gr-iio, libad9361-iio, and iio-oscilloscope. When I run the 'iio_info -a' or 'iio_info -u ip:192.168.2…

  • PlutoSDR is detected but some of the IIO attributes are not found


    I am using PlutoSDR from my linux machine.

    I followed the link https://wiki.analog.com/university/tools/pluto/drivers/linux and installed all the drivers and dependencies required to run the device.

    But the output of the command : iio_info -n 192.168…

  • Missing device attributes after update of PLUTO

    Hello all,

    I finally got a copy of Matlab and wanted to do some of those experiments with my PLUTO SDR. I set it up on my Ubuntu 18.04 system, and when plugged in the info page said the firmware was out of date (I still had 0.22, current is 0.30). I grabbed…