• How to choose the MOSFET for ADM1175-1


    what is the criteria for choosing the MOSFET switch to be used with the ADM1175-1?

    From the data sheet on page 14, in a normal hot-swap event, the "FET Gate is charged up with a 12.5uA current source", then the "FET is controlled to keep the…

  • ADM1175_Vbus spec

    How to set Vbus for ADM1175. Vbus is quoted many times in the datasheet but not

    Could the Vcc of ADM1175 and the Vbus can be connected together, and are their
    values determine by the Vcc-SPEC of the Controller? 


  • RE: Hot-swap sulution with PMBus and integrated temperature sensor

    Hi Meir,

    Technically ADM1175 and ADM1178 are not PMBus compatible parts, rather SMBus compatible.

    We do have a new hotswap controller that should release in 3-6 month that has remote temperature sensing function. I will send you the detail via email…