• ADM1172 PFO pin

    Before ADM1172 works , If the PFO has 0.14V , Will have any risk ?

  • Question about ADM1172-2

    Dear ADI Expert,

    My customer uses ADM1172-2 for output short circuit test. The waveform of Output / Gate / Timer is not the same as the datasheet. The datasheet waveform is shown in Figure 1. My customer test results are shown in Figure 2. After the output…

  • EVAL-ADM1172 EVB Board Orcad File

    Dear engineer,

        I'm going to draw the schematic involved with ADM1172 in Orcad. But my project is very urgent. Can you provide EVAL-ADM1172EBZ Evaluation Board "orcad" schematic to import my system. thanks

    My E-mail:ls90142@gmail.com

  • ADM1278 / ADM1172 current shunt and Temp-pin question

    Dear Sir,


          Below questions need your help:      

    1. We find that ADI’s sense resistor layout guide as below link. It will be improved 1% accuracy of voltage sense as recommendation as below.But the test condition is 20A. My application is almost 60A current…

  • Requesting for ESD Levels


    Good day!

      This is Srinivasarao from Flex ,we would like to know  the ESD levels for the parts mentioned .

    HBM + CDM + MM etc.