• Part ADM1166 OV threshold, Monitoring Sequence was changed randomly

    During testing, Module was not powered on and we verified the Blackbox status and OV status was observed in VP2 pin (1.8V).

    Then we verified the over voltage threshold range in Input tab. and OV threshold was set at 1.778V instead of 1.888V (Actual Programmed…

  • ADM1166 rad-hard

    Hello everybody,

    I am  currently working on a design of a  board based on a Zynq 7020. I am considering different options for my power sequence design and the one that appeals to me is the ADM1166 due to its flexibility. This sequencer must be tolerant…

  • ADM1166 Clock Output


    the sequencer ADM1166 can output the 100KHz on-chip clock on any

    of the PDOs.

    The sequencing engine can also output signals via the PDOs.

    Question: is there any relationship between the signals output by the SE and the

    clock on a PDO? In particular…

  • ADM1166 EEPROM Address 0xf8a0

    I made custom hardware/software to program the ADM1166 EEPROM over I2C since I can't get the "SuperSequencer" program to connect via my USB-SDP-CABELZ (I have a different forum post about this). For the most part, I have my own solution working (I can…

  • Averaging on ADM1166

    does enabling averaging on the ADC in ADM1166 just sum the adc readings 16 times ?

    Should the values be averaged manually ?

  • ADM1166 crc problem


    I am trying to get the ADM1166 crc working with a block read from ram register 0xA0 over the smbus.

    I am issuing the following data to ADM1166 and receiving back 32 bytes + the PEC

    set the pointer to register A0

    0x68 0xA0

    enter a block read …

  • ADM1166 software installation error

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am using power manager ADM1166. I downloaded the software from analog.com website (link: http://www.analog.com/en/search.html?q=adm1166) and tried to install in windows 8 64-bit and windows 7 32-bit system. I installed successfully but…

  • ADM1166 Input Voltage readback via I2C


    I wanted to read the input voltage on VP-AUX1 pins via I2C. I came across the below formula to calculate the voltage on the pins 

    V = (ADCCode / 4096)
    × Attenuation Factor × VREFIN

    I was wondering what is the adc code here? Is the ADC values…

  • ADM1166 EEPROM Checksum Calculation Problem

    In ADM1166 , if i write any data to the EEPROM user space then it will affect the configuration check sum or not??

    If possible please include check sum calculation details in EEPROM of ADM1166.

  • ADM1166 Sequencing differential voltage query  (SR#: 1239446)

    can the SFD block be improve in terms of accuracy wrt external ref.

    Does an external voltage reference affects the SFD?
    When Ultra Low Range is used, what is the maximum Absolute Unaccuracy in mV?


    For ADM1166, the REFIN reference input…