If would like to use ADM1075 usage 5 in a system that means I should use ADM1075-1 , ADM1075-2 in the same time here?

    As I checked the datasheet that information below


    The ADM1075 is available in two models: the ADM1075-1 and…

  • ADM1075 peripheral



    One of the customer is considering to use ADM1075.

    Referring to UG-548, there are ADuM5404 and ADuM1250.


    The customer wants to reduce component count.

    Then they are considering to reduce ADuM1250 and connect as below,



  • RE: ADuM1250 connection @UG-304, Side1 or Side2?

    Dear Mr. MSCantrell

    Thank you very much for good idea and good answer.

    And sorry for slow reply.

    Main problem is only 01V difference of output/Input spec, I think.

    How to work "Input/Output Logic Low Level Difference" of ADuM1250.

    Is it…

  • RE: Hot-Swap ADM1275&ADM1276 Design


    the ADM1275 simulation model is available at the product web page. The product page also has links to the EVAL board document with Layout examples as well as the software to run the ADM127x.

    Hot Swap Controller Simulaton Model Simulation model…

  • RE: ADM1293 Delta Power negative issue

    The main difference between 1293/4's energy metering block and other similar parts from ADI is the energy count is now unsigned value instead of a signed value.

    The ADM1293/4 has two energy meters monitoring power flow in both directions, which…