• ADM1068: internal Reference maximum current

    From the datasheet it is not quite clear how the Refout  pin can be used
    Customer wants to supply a resistor devider Network with the Reference.
    How much current he internal reference could drive to source at resistor





  • RE: Power sequence for AD9273

    Hi Sanchogus,

    There is no power sequence requirement for AD9273, you can power up the DRVDD, AVDD1, AVDD2 at the same time.

    If you want to add the power up sequence, I will recommend you the below solutions.

    Only power sequence:  ADM1185 is easy to use…

  • ADM1060 Power Sequencer support for USB interface

    Is there a USB programming tool for ADM1060 because parallel ports are no
    longer available on PCs. USB-to-Parallel adapters don't work as ADM1060
    evaluation SW can't redirect data for the ADM1060 to a virtual parallel port.
    Is there no…

  • EVAL-ADM106x USB dongle

    Planning to buy EVAL-ADM1068 board. In it's User Guige (ug-063) on page 4 written that it is possible to use own I2C cable to connect this board to PC. So now I have USB-I2C dongle based on FT2232H (like USB-SDP-CABLEZ), but when I connect it to PC, SuperSequencer…

  • RE: High Voltage Input ADM1186

    Hi Jacky,

    For 6 to 8 channel sequencing, you can either try ADM1186-1 in cascade setup or ADM1068 supersequencer, the latter can be powered directly to up to 14.4V.

    A external shunt regulator (zener plus npn/FET follower) may help with ADM1186 in high…

  • RE: EVAL ADM1064TQEB documentation / manual

    Hi Karl,

    See attached for the user guide for this board.


  • ADM106x Headerfile


    I´ve to program a ADM1062 for a project.

    And now my idea was to write a headerfile thats offer me the possibility to write something like

    VP1.PS1OVTH = 0;

    VP1.SFDV1CFG = 10US;

    Has someone allready made a headerfile with this definesor something…

  • how is EEPROM spaced being used on ADM106x and ADM116x family parts?

    how is EEPROM spaced being used on ADM106x and ADM116x family parts?